Academic Writting practice test 12 House design

Academic Writing Practice Test 12 House design

House design

Academic Writting practice test 12 House design

The diagrams illustrate the variations in house designs as influenced by different climates. There’s a striking contrast in the roof shapes of houses tailored for either cool or warm environments. Additionally, these designs vary in aspects such as window placement and insulation application.

In cooler climates, houses feature steeply angled roofs, enabling sunlight to penetrate through the windows. In contrast, houses in warmer climates are designed with a central peak and extended roof overhangs, providing shade to the windows. To minimize heat loss, homes in colder areas incorporate insulation and thermal materials, whereas those in hotter regions use insulation alongside reflective materials to deflect heat.

Furthermore, houses designed for cooler regions typically have a single window oriented towards the sun’s path, enhancing sunlight intake. On the other hand, homes in warmer climates are equipped with windows on multiple sides, strategically shaded to block out the sun. Opening these windows at night facilitates ventilation, cooling the house naturally in warmer climates.

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