Advertisement You Have Seen Speaking IELTS Exam

Advertisement You Have Seen Speaking IELTS Exam or Talk about your favourite advertisement. Or talk about an advertisement which impressed you to buy that product. You should say:

  • Which is it?
  • Where did you see that?
  • What did you like about it?


  1. I think in the present scenario, the advertisement is the best tool for marketing and to educate people about different products.
  1. We are flooded with a lot of advertisements these days through TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, billboards etc. But my favorite advertisement appears on TV. It is an advertisement of a soft drink ‘Mountain Dew.’

What is the advertisement?

  1. In this ad, a young boy is trying to learn ‘Parachute Jumping’ which is one of the most adventurous sports of the world. The boy has to jump from an aircraft wearing a parachute.
  1. However, in doing so, he is little scared. But after getting lot of confidence and courage from his friends in the aircraft, he gets motivated and jumps from the aircraft.
  1. After floating in the air for some time, he opens the parachute and landed safely on the ground.



What do you like about it?

  1. Well, I like the ad because it has very strong and inspiring message.
  1. It tells us that every one of us gets scared in life sometimes or the other. But if we overcome that fear and make an effort, we can achieve anything in life.
  1. The tag line of the ad, ‘Dar ke aage jeet hai’ which means fear brings victory ultimately, also states the same message.
  1. The other reason of liking this ad is the presence of my favorite Bollywood superstar ‘Salman Khan which makes it an ad to remember.

Follow-up questions

  1.  What is the importance of advertisement in the present scenario?
  2. Some people like to see advertisements during TV programs. Why?
  3. Do you think if there are too much advertising on TV?
  4. Should government stop some of them and why?

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