Do You Agree or Disagree with The Following Statement? Advertising Can Tell You a Lot About a Country

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Advertising can tell you a lot about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Every country has its own culture and traditions. There is no doubt that an advertising campaign conducted in Russia will not have the same effect here in the United States. Let us take, for example, advertisements for food and restaurants.

A huge amount of fast food stands suggest their services for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper here in Houston. The competition is very strong. Every week, you get an envelope in your mailbox with different types of discounts in exchange for visiting them or ordering pizza.

Watching TV, you are also, from time to time, invited to visit a restaurant in order to taste some delicious food. It is not because it is easy to make money cooking but because the demand for such a service is high. First of all, people like to go out sometimes to have dinner with friends. Second of all, it is often impossible to drive home for lunch. It can be time-consuming.


As for Russia, it is a great tradition to have dinner at home with the family and go to the restaurant for the big holidays. Additionally, fast food is not popular in Russia. So you will see advertisements for yoghurts, coffee, dairy products and juice instead of restaurants and fast food stands.

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In conclusion, I would like to add that in order to succeed in an advertising campaign, especially on the international market, the company must know the traditions, language and history of the country.

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