Air traffic is increasingly leading to more noise pollution

Air traffic is increasingly leading to more noise pollution and airport construction. One reason for this is the growth in low-cost passenger flights, often to holiday destinations.

Some people say that the government should try to reduce air traffic by taxing it more heavily.


Do you agree or disagree?


Globetrotting is considered as the favorite leisure time activity of many people. However, this trend is regarded to cause certain negative impacts too, such as a sharp rise in air pollution and so on. Many citizens uphold the notion that stringent taxation by the governing bodies may limit such adverse effects. Whereas, I disagree with this opinion. The associated problems and reasons to support my view are being elucidated below.


Firstly, people say deforestation is a major threat and is caused due to the construction of many airports. In such instances, barren lands can be given for construction. Secondly, people account that noise pollution is alarming increasing due to mushrooming flights. Nevertheless, one has to think about the prosperity it is causing or the economical boost it’s providing to the government.


Implementation of laws to heavily tax air customers can cause social unrest. To explain in detail, In the earlier days of civilization, only affluent communities could afford to board a flight. Alternatively, nowadays due to cheaper rates, people of all social status can pay from their pockets. Secondly, Air cargoes have made transportation much cheaper as well as convenient. Hence, imposing additional pay can be a potential threat to the financial provider’s sector.


The concept of hiking the taxes can eventually lead to a discrepancy in cross-cultural communication. For instance, owing to modernization, people indeed migrated across the globe. A relatively cheaper flight is the only access for them to meet their families. In an attempt to limit air pollution if the ticket rate is surcharged, we may be causing demographic imbalance too.


In the final analysis, although environmental pollution is regarded as a major threat, it cannot be curbed by escalated airfares. An amalgamative effort by the government as well as the residents can be beneficial in inhibiting unfavorable situations.

So this is the end of the Writing Task 2 (Air traffic is increasingly leading to more noise pollution and airport construction. One reason for this is the growth in low-cost passenger flights, often to holiday destinations.)

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