All Students Should Be Required to Study Art and Music in Secondary School

All students should be required to study art and music in secondary school. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Use specific reasons to support your answer.

The issue about whether all students should be required to study art and music in secondary school is one that is open for debate. Some people believe that students should take these classes. However, others think that it must be up to the student. In this essay, I will analyze both these positions and present my opinion in favour of the people who think that studying art and music should not be required in secondary school.

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On the one side, studying art and music brings many benefits to the students. First of all, it extends their range of interests. Second, studying art and music helps reveal hidden talents and possibilities. In addition to these benefits, it helps a growing child develop his or her perception of the real world.

However, on the other side, studying art and music also has some negative aspects. I think a person interested in mathematics should not spend his or her precious time taking classes in art or music. For example, when I was a student a couple of years ago, I did not like attending some art classes because they were too boring for me. I wasted my time and money because I had to pay for and attend these classes. So, my point is that students should have the right to decide whether they should take classes in art and music or not. For instance, there were a couple of optional classes in music at my university. Many students took those classes, and everyone was satisfied.

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To sum up, I think that studying art and music is very essential for a person. However, I believe that classes in art and music must be optional because if a student is dreaming about a career as a dentist and spends all his spare time reading about the new technologies and inventions in this field, I think it is not fair to make him attend classes when he does not want to. It is like making a person sing when he is good at swimming.

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