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An activity you like doing with an old person ielts exam

An activity you like doing with an old person

What is it

How often you do it

Who you do it with

Why you enjoy it with that person

One has rightly said that “Old is Gold” and I experience this thing in my own life. Today I would like to talk about an old person who is one of the good friends of my father. I like him very much because he is a source of inspiration for me. Whether he is near about 60 years old but in spite of this he looks very young and fit.

I met him in the park, I see him doing Yoga. At that day I knew the secret of his health. I went to him and met him and request him if he did not mind then I wanted to join that activity. He welcomed me and from that, we started doing this activity together. It has the good result because I feel calm, cool and fit after started that activity.

He not only teach me the different kinds of areas but also shared his important experience of his life which are very beneficial for my future perspective. He is of a very friendly nature because it does seems to me that I spend time with an old person because of the still young from his heart. I am lucky that I have such a wonderful person in my life.


Q-1 How much time should parents spend with their children every day?

Ans: parents should reserve some time from their busy life for their children every day .they should make a timetable so that could give quality time to their kids. by doing this they could know about their children in a better way and help them to go in a right direction.

Q-2 Do young people like living with old people in your country?

Ans: it would be difficult to say that all young people like to live with the old people because with the changing world young adapt themselves according to the changing environment but old people do not like their way of living.but some young persons learn moral values generation to generation.

Q-3 What is the most important thing that young people can learn from old people?

Ans: one has rightly said that old is gold. young people could learn many things from their elders and among them, the most important thing is the experience of their life which they have.they have seen many ups and downs in their lives and in this way they could guide their children to go in a right direction and they could help them to achieve success in their life.

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An activity you like doing with an old person 

An activity you like doing with an old person 

An activity you like doing with an old person 

An activity you like doing with an old person

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