An Equipment You Use Other than A Computer Speaking Cue Card with Answer

An equipment you use other than a computer speaking cue card with answer. You should say: –

  • What it is where you would get  it from?
  • What features it would have?
  • And explain why you would like to have it.

Since I was very small, I have had a special interest in cooking. 🍳 So, it is no surprise that, now that I have grown up, I dream of having an oven with rings for cooking on top, which is in very popular use overseas. In my country, this kind of oven is only sold at big electronic and appliance centers. 🌍🛒

Different from the normal oven, this one provides more stable and exact temperatures, which is one of the critical factors in baking. 🍰

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Besides, it has four oven top elements, which is highly convenient because it allows you to cook and bake at the same time. 🍲🧁 It also saves a lot of space in your kitchen because it is free-standing.

Another feature that I would like the oven to have is a self-cleaning system. If you cook frequently, you will definitely appreciate this facility. 🧼✨

It is inevitable that when you cook, your oven/cooker will get dirty. As a result, with the self-cleaning feature, it is much easier for us to clean. 🚿

Sample 2

We utilize numerous things in our everyday life. A gadget I use besides the computer is a cellphone. 📱 My dad gifted me this cellphone when I passed my 10th class with good marks.

It is a Samsung Galaxy S4 model, small and portable. It is black in color, rectangular, and slips into my pocket easily. 🖤 It is an envelope-type model.

It has many features like a watch, calculator, FM radio, alarm, clock, and a memory card to store phone numbers. 🕒🎵🔢 Although it doesn’t have an HD camera, all other features are very useful. I can also play games on my mobile.

I value this phone a lot because my dad worked overtime in his office to save money for this mobile. He knew I had always wanted one. 💖 I use it to stay connected with my family when I am away from home. 🏠

Many new models of cellphones have come into the market, but in my eyes, this is and will always be the best cellphone. ❤️ My heart skips a beat even at the thought of losing it or parting with it. 🚫💔

Detail discussion / Two-way discussion:

  1. What kinds of machines are used for housework in modern homes in your country?
  2. How have these machines benefited people? Are there any negative effects of using them?
  3. Do you think all new homes will be equipped with household machines in the future? Why?
  4. What kinds of equipment do most workers need to use in offices today?
  5. How have developments in technology affected employment in your country?
  6. Some people think that technology has brought more stress than benefits to employed people nowadays. Would you agree or disagree? Why?

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