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An Interesting Conversation You Had

Talk about an interesting conversation you had

Talk about an interesting conversation you had (face to face or via phone).

Sample Answer:-

Well, the conversation is an important part of our human being’s life. It helps us to about our emotions and feeling. Many times, we have interesting conversation with someone. I also an interesting conversation with a lecturer named Preet. It was related to preserving the environment. I describe it briefly.
Actually, last month, the youth club of my village organized awareness program on the environment in my village. There, leader of the youth club invited a special guest Mr. Preet who is a lecturer as well as he is doing scientific research to protect the environment.

So, during this event, I got a chance to meet Mr. Preet personally. I am also a member of the youth club of my village. Actually, before starting the awareness program, Mr. Preet was waiting Forgiving a speech on the protection of the environment.

Between this, I started talking with Mr. Preet about the environment. He said me that we are creating many problems for the environment with our activities such as using more and more private vehicles, using plastic bottles or other things.

Apart from it, I asked him about his research on the environment. He said me that he is doing research related to reduce the plastic. It is a reality that We can’t diminish the plastic waste. But we can use it for other purposes.

For instance, plastic can be used in road constructions because plastic contains polymer. It will make roads stronger rather than other material. Mr. Preet has been doing practical of using plastic in road construction.

Moreover, we had this conversation for 15 minutes. After it, he went on the stage and started his speech on the protection of the environment.
He had spread awareness between the public and explained the 3-R principle in a unique way. He requested to villagers to avoid plastic bags and insecticides.

All in all, I enjoyed the program as well as an interesting conversation with Mr. Preet. It helps to get precious information related to our environment.

Follow UPS–

Why do you think it was an interesting conversation??
Do people like to take part in group conversations? Why or why not??
Are conversations good to gain knowledge??

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