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An Interesting News Story that You Read in Paper

An Interesting News Story that You Read in Paper

An Interesting news story that you read in the paper – speaking cue card with the answer

The newspaper is full of different kinds of news stories every day, which familiarize us with the whole world 🌍, and we keep in touch with what is happening in society 📰. This not only makes us aware of some problems in society but also increases our general knowledge 🧠.

I read The Hindustan Times daily; it keeps me up-to-date with interesting news stories 🗞️. I read it every morning 🌅. Today, I would like to talk about an interesting story about world pollution 🏭. It was published in the article section of the newspaper. Kuldeep Mayer was the writer of this article. He presented this problem in a very effective way 💡.

First and foremost, with the advancement in technology and science, a lot of changes have happened in the world 🌐. A large number of vehicles are running on the roads, which helps people to easily move from one place to another 🚗. But, side by side, it also enhances the quantity of harmful gases emitted from these vehicles, which become the major cause of harmful diseases and global warming 🌡️.

Moreover, industries have been developed all over the world, and there is a race among different nations to go ahead of each other and become economically powerful 💹. This also adds up to the pollution of the world.

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Furthermore, with the trend of the Green Revolution, farmers used pesticides to a great extent to increase the production of their crops 🌾. But they are unaware of the ill effects of this trend. These pesticides could damage the ozone layer in our atmosphere, which protects us from the harmful rays coming from the sun ☀️.

So, I got vast knowledge from this article because, before reading this, I had little knowledge about this problem. But the writer is worth praising for this 👏.

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