Newspapers Have an Enormous Influence on People’s Opinions and Ideas

Newspapers have an enormous influence on people’s opinions and ideas. Why and do you think it is a positive or negative situation?

Sample 1 Newspapers Have an Enormous Influence on People’s Opinions and Ideas

It is believed that the newspaper can have a huge impact on people’s thought processes. In my opinion, it has both pros and cons as the newspaper does provide us with the daily updates required for public awareness whereas, it can sometimes fabricate some incidents to mislead us. The way people perceive it made a lot of difference in identifying positive and negative implications.

On the one hand, the newspaper plays a key role in passing information about what is happening in the world and the crisis situation, which can be used as a guide to take preventive actions needed. For instance, all relevant information related to Covid outbreak treatment and preventive measures is getting published daily in the newspaper to help people combat it and its variants. Even other health emergencies, such as a blood transfusion for rare blood groups like AB -ve or O -ve, are advertised in the newspaper, and the patient receives it on time with the help of a donor found from it. These can be some of the many benefits of reading newspapers.

On the other hand, many stories related to crime or the personal affairs of celebrities are getting highlighted in some sections of the newspaper with made-up stories mostly to grab the reader’s attention and make it a sensation across the globe. Many newspaper columnists add some spice to their articles to make it a selling point to the reader as the subtleness will not interest the readers. Because of this, people involved in falsified articles have their image tarnished, consequently affecting their lives and their close ones with bad publicity.

To conclude, people should not completely believe and perceive the news article and react to it. Instead, they can rely on other news sources like television, radio, or online sources and then make up an opinion.

Sample 2 Newspapers Have an Enormous Influence on People’s Opinions and Ideas

Newspapers have a great impact on what people think and believe. There are many reasons for it, such as it serves as a mirror of society, people reading newspapers daily and many more. I believe it is a negative development as the news shown by papers could be biased, or sometimes only half of the story is represented. In such case individual’s too much dependency on papers is a negative situation.

From the past era to the present, newspapers have played a crucial role in an individual’s life. Most people have a habit of reading the newspaper in the morning to read recent news, political affairs and many more. People rely on papers to stay updated regarding what is happening around the globe. Many trust newspapers blindly and believe everything written in the newspaper is 100% right. Moreover, people read it every single day. Hence, over time their beliefs are greatly influenced by it. For instance, if one reads that some government party is against some community and if they read it multiple times without checking whether it is true or not, they start believing that this government is biased, which can be wrong also. So, this is how newspapers affect individuals’ thoughts about everything.

Of course, newspapers are a one-stop solution to knowledge regarding many fields, such as current news, sports update, scientific research, market condition, political news and many more. Newspapers focus on maintaining their authenticity regarding every piece of news, but sometimes it happens that they work for money too. For example, papers often promote some products or some government agenda in exchange for money. In my opinion, many individuals who do not follow any other source of information trust everything displayed in the paper, which is a negative situation.

To conclude, newspapers are a good source for getting information; however, one should not only rely on the newspapers completely for news or information. People should be aware of some political agenda or tactics newspapers use to promote or diminish something, shouldn’t they?

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