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An Interesting News Story that You Watched on Tv -Speaking Cue Card with Answer IELTS EXAM

An Interesting News Story that You Watched on Tv -Speaking Cue Card with Answer IELTS EXAM

An interesting news story that you watched on TV -speaking cue card with the answer; You Should Say

With the advancement in technology, TV has become an important innovation of science 📺🔬. Different kinds of news stories are telecasted on TV every day, familiarizing us with the whole world and keeping us in touch with what is happening in our surroundings. This not only makes us aware of some problems in society but also enhances our general knowledge 🌍📚. I watch many interesting news stories on TV, but today, I would like to talk about an interesting news story that I watched on the Aaj Tak channel. It was about one of the biggest problems in the world: pollution 🏭💨.

The story was telecasted in an effective way, which became a huge source of knowledge for me. The first and foremost thing I saw was that the show demonstrated how the advancement in technology and science, and the number of vehicles running on the roads, have increased the quantity of harmful gases in the air. These emissions from vehicles have become a major cause of harmful diseases and global warming 🚗💨🌎. Moreover, it also showed that industries have been set up all over the world, and there is a race among different nations to get ahead of each other and become economically powerful. This competition also adds to the pollution of the world 🏭🌍.

Furthermore, with the trend of the Green Revolution, farmers used various pesticides extensively to increase the production of their crops, but they are unaware of the ill effects of this trend 🌾🚜. So, I gained vast knowledge from this show because, prior to watching it, I had little knowledge about this problem. The news story opened my eyes to the pressing issues of pollution and the importance of sustainable living for the health of our planet 🌱🌏.

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