As Major Cities Around the World Are Growing: Writing Task 2

As major cities around the world are growing, so are their problems. What are these problems for young people living in cities? What are possible solutions to these problems?

There has been a worrying trend all the world captured with ample buildings and create a severe issue of debate which youngster also fears various problems in daily life. Their poor housing and pollution are the most dangerous aspects, and Detroit is the development across the world. However, this can be a scribe for several reasons, and it must be addressed by possible definite actions in the upcoming paragraphs.

The primary reason is migration; when message chunk of people gets to migrate to an urban area, this would cost the security of proper houses. To make this clear, city developers forced themself to live in a gram theory and also Dupree from numerous amenities such as water and electricity, so they quickly get a track to metropolitan city’s which day avail all facilities which day seeking for, as a result, the partner of the population in the city gradually change this leads to Growth of development in CTS skyrocketed. For instance, in India, there are numerous slum areas where thousands of migrant workers live in horrible situations. They suffer from various drastic stick diseases due to lack of resources and hold highly infected places. As a result, they like to move forward in the big city. another apparent reason is that unemployment and lack of assets the ratio of job seekers rapidly search over the years and looking for a desirable job. Hence, they like to settle in a large city, and many youngsters also lose the opportunity to become successful because migrant labourers increase the amount of competition and residents unable to make their careers up to the mark.

The solution or not simple. Therefore the steps have to be taken on a war footing. The first possible solution is that government need to relocate the industries and multinational companies to the countryside and provide all likely crucial and search for the community living there as a result of the fast pace of migration slowly to chrome moves in city and traffic congestion dramatically plummeted. The second feasible solution is to improve the infrastructure of the country authorities need to construct new health and education departments in unreached locations and give connectivity to all modern facilities, which individuals quickly benefit from and drop the plan of moving to big cities.

In conclusion, even though the high number of inhabitants in cities can lead to a housing shortage and increase contamination. This may be resolved by reducing the overcrowding of people and vehicles on the road. Therefore, there are several reasons why young people face various problems that various Rebtel actions can tackle before it becomes the main kind.

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