As the Number of Cars Increases, More Money Has to Be Spent on Road Systems

As the number of cars increases, more money has to be spent on road systems. Some people think the government should pay for this. Others, however, think that drivers should cover the costs. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

On the one hand, the use of vehicles such are cars has drastically increased in this modern era, owing to which few folks believe that government should invest in the road system While others think owners of vehicles should pay to reduce the costs. This essay will analyze both views and my perspective in the upcoming paragraphs.

To commence with the former view that regulating bodies must invest money in extending the roads because the public chooses them. They are responsible for giving facilities such as good roads to the inhabitants. Furthermore, lawmakers are already taking a lot of money in the form of taxes from the citizens, and that money could be invested in making roads broad. In Vietnam, for example, a survey conducted by local authorities revealed that around 60% of people were against the government because of the implementation of road tax. Thus, it is not a good idea to take tax from the natives, and the regime needs to pay for road maintenance.

On the other hand, most people are using their private vehicles, owing to which the roads remain busy during the peak hours. To explicate, Nowadays most people are using their private vehicles, which increases the traffic in the peak hours, and most folks have to suffer because of this. In addition to this, the increase in the usage of vehicles is also increasing pollution in the world and countries are facing this issue, so the implementation of a small number of driving charges could lead to a decrease in pollution and traffic. To epitome, a headline was printed in bold letters in ‘The Time Primes’ that applying road charges to travel a short distance on drivers helped increase the pollution to reduce the pollution and congestion on roads. Thus, the small number of charges from the driver will lead to solving big problems such as pollution and rushing on roads.

In conclusion, the government has to give facilities to the public by investing money in roads while taking money from drivers leads to solving specific issues such as increasing pollution as well as traffic during the peak hours and In my opinion, both need to invest in the maintenance of the road system.

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