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As the Population of A Nation Increases Writing Task 2

As the Population of A Nation Increases Writing Task 2

As the population of a nation increases, new houses are needed. Do you think it is better to build new houses in the countryside or in the cities?

Sample 1 As the Population of A Nation Increases

The need to construct new houses is felt with the growing population. I think making houses in rural areas rather than metropolitan areas is a wise decision. Because building homes in rustic areas will bring development to that place, and cities are congested, and building flats or houses will remove the green spaces.

To begin with, if new houses are built in villages, it will bring development to that place. To elaborate, when people start living there, they need groceries and other daily necessities for survival. These needs of the public will make it necessary to have a general store, garment shops and good transport. Thus a place which was barren earlier will turn into a productive one. For instance, when a village develops with essential facilities, it will attract others to live in that serene ambience and enjoy their time. According to their needs, an individual will be able to make their stay temporary or permanent, which indirectly benefits the place or the locals to seek profit.

Furthermore, urban areas are already crowded and constructing homes will make it essential to remove parks or gardens. To explain it, people live in flats or homes in urban areas. There is very less space for building new homes. If homes are built, then these parks or gardens will have to be removed. Thus, urban areas will lose their beauty due to a lack of greenery, which can negatively impact the routine of their dwellers as they are habitual in visiting such places for a walk, running a race, or spending time. For example, nowadays, nobody prefers to live in cities due to high-rise buildings and the lack of public parks or gardens. Individuals feel suffocated while living in such a congested place. Consequently, the risk of spreading communicable diseases and the feeling of being alone is more in cities due to less interaction with others as these public places make them social.

To conclude, it is clear that arranging accommodation is better in rustic areas than in cities. Villages will develop with modern amenities, and cities are not suitable for arranging accommodation because construction will be done at the cost of demolishing parks or gardens.

Sample 2 As the Population of A Nation Increases

It is true that the population is growing rapidly in many cities, and with this growth comes an increasing need for accommodation. Whether these houses will be cited within the city or on the outskirts is a careful decision the government must make. To guide this decision-making, certain factors need to be considered.

First, the cities are already populated. Building additional houses in the cities will lead to overpopulation. On the other hand, the Countryside has the advantage of the vast expanse of land available for development.

People living in the Metropolitan area have the advantage of nearness to work because industries and businesses are most cited in these areas. Workers might find it difficult to commute from the outskirts of these Urban areas to work. This can, however, be mitigated by providing good road networks and alternative transport services, like the rail system, to link the Urban to the Countryside.

Building new houses in the Countryside also helps to bring development to these areas. This is because, with increased settlement here, there will be a higher demand for basic amenities such as Hospitals, schools, internet, electricity etc. This increasing demand will lead to an influx of investors in the public and private sectors who are able to provide these services.

Based on the reasons I have highlighted above, I believe it is prudent that new buildings to cater for the increasing population are built in the Countryside rather than in the city.

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