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Best 24 Idioms Can Use Everywhere

Best 24 Idioms Can Use Everywhere

best 24 idioms can use everywhere for IELTS writing tasks and speaking tasks

1. Burning question of the day – It is irrefutable that the global warming is the burning question of the day.
2. Every nook and corner – The technology/Junk-food/Internet/T.V has entered into every nook and corner.
3. By leaps and bounds – It is irrefutable that technology/Junk-food/internet/T.V has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades.
4. In full swing (In positive side) – Industrialization /Modernization/Economic development.
5. Life is not a bed of roses (fighting spirit)Poverty/ unemployment. # The youngster’s look to get the overnight success. However, they have to realize that life is not a bed of roses.
6. Rome was not built in one day (solution) – Youngster’s should know that Rome was not built in a day they have to be continuous efforts to achieve the goals in life.
7. Like a wild fire (negative sense) – Pollution/crime is spreading like a wild fire nowadays.
8. Where there is a will, there is a way – We all know that, where there is a will, there is a way also. Therefore, the government all and sundry has to work hand in hand to tackle the problem.
9. All that glitters is not gold – (Advertisement) – we are flooded with numerous advertisements around. They are adopting different means to lure consumers. They look quite attractive; however all that glitters is not gold.
10. A sound mind lives in a sound body – (Health/Children) – Health is the biggest wealth/asset one can have. It’s essential to be healthy as it is rightly said that ‘ A sound mind lives in a sound body’.
11. An empty mind is devil’s workshop – It is very important to channelize the oozing energies of the youth, because an empty mind is devil’s workshop.
12. To nip in the bud – It is very important for parents to supervise/monitor the activities to nip in the bud whenever kids go astray.
13. A STITCH in time saves nine – Unemployment is the one of the alarming issues. Government has to pay a proper heal to the problem of unemployment before it goes out of hands, because we all know that a switch in time saves nine.
14. Order of the day – Consuming Fast0food/Social networking has become the order of the day.
15. Part and parcel – (integral part) – T.V/Computer/Happiness and sadness is part and parcel of life.
16. To rub shoulders with – It is irrefutable that women are rubbing shoulders with men in every field.
17. To roll up one’s sleeves (To fight against) – We all/government/society/individuals have to roll our sleeves up combat against the menace of pollution/poverty/unemployment.
18. To take the bull by the horns – (face the problem) – unemployment/crime- # We cannot turn our back to …….. Problem, rather we have to take the bull by the horns.
19. To make a mountain out of a molehill – Unimportant things.
20. When in Rome, do as Romans do – overseas
21. Excess of everything is bad – (conclusion) – T.V/Internet/Fast-food – It is important to maintain the balance in life, because excess of everything is bad.
22. More work no play makes Jack a dull boy – Outdoor activities/Importance of games/study burden
23. Necessity is the mother of invention – Necessity is the mother of invention, that is true in present scenario of modernization.
24. Prevention is better than cure – (Health problem/crime)

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