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Book You Read Recently IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Answer IELTS EXAM

Book You Read Recently IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Answer IELTS EXAM

The book you read recently IELTS speaking cue card with the answer.

Well, I love to read the books of various writers and poets because books have been giving me peace and calmness. 📚 I read many books, but I have recently read a poetry book that I really like.

This book’s name is “We Are Seven,” which is written by the famous poet William Wordsworth. 📖 I heard about this book from one of my friends. Then I wanted to buy it, but I could not find it in the market.

Then my friend gave me this book as a present for my birthday. 🎁 Then I read this book with excitement. It is really a good book. Its poems contain the emotions of a man.

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In these poems, we can see the emotions, feelings, and happiness of the poet in this book. 🎨 The main story of this book revolves around the conversation between an adult and a little girl.

In this, an adult asked the little girl about her family and siblings, but the girl’s two siblings had died, and only four siblings had remained, but she has not wanted to accept that truth.

She said to the adult that we are seven. This book’s story is very good and heart-touching. 💔 According to me, this book is good because it expresses the feelings of the poet as well as the common people. So, I am happy after reading this book. I always want to read these types of books.

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