Communicate Either Professionally or Socially Using Technology

More and more businesses, as well as individuals, are choosing to communicate either professionally or socially using technology rather than being face to face

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using technology for communicating

Sample Answer of Communicate Either Professionally or Socially Using Technology


The internet has brought about the premature death of space and time. The paradigm shift has made it indispensable for entrepreneurs as well as people to socialize through electronic gadgets despite in person. Though technology is a good tool for instantaneous communication, yet it has made man more artificial than natural.


First off, people and entrepreneurs prefer technology for socializing because it saves their time and they get an immediate reply. For example, now everyone has a hectic schedule, and here communication via mobile phones and video conferencing help in saving their time and energy, which they waste while traveling. Now, just at one click on the computer or mobile phones, they get connected with the concerned people. Besides, it is a need of modern times to be well-aware of the latest technology. So, it helps in keeping people abreast of the outer world.



Admittedly, its downsides cannot be overlooked. As it has made people more artificial rather than natural. For instance, people have become cunning in concealing their true feelings for others. They try to be good while talking over phones. The personal touch that people get in meeting people personally, is completely devoid of online communication. What’s more, socializing via technology has vanished humanitarian gestures among people and has made people more machine-like.


In conclusion, although technology has communication instant; but the loss that mankind is bearing in their relationships is immense. So, the wise use of it for communication is a good solution to maintain relationships.

This is the Sample Answer of Communicate Either Professionally or Socially Using Technology

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