Communication Through Text Messaging and Other Instant Forms of Online Communication Is Short

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Communication through text messaging and other instant forms of online communication is short and basic. Some people think this will be the death of grammar and spelling. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Communication Through Text Messaging and Other Instant Forms of Online Communication Is Short

Trends in Technology have made it easy for people to converse through text messages as well as other short forms of words. The emergence of this type of communication will end grammar and spelling. I agree with it, as frequent usage of these will make essential elements of a language redundant, and there is the chance of making a language extinct by depreciating its essential components.

To begin with, regular usage of texting or other short forms makes people forgetful about the accurate spellings of a particular word. They feel more comfortable using short forms for communicating with others. For instance, masses use because, good night or good morning to address others. Such instant communication is so prevalent that people need to think to see the accuracy of spelling and grammar. Resultantly, individuals feel diffident writing on a paper, or even they need to get better grades when it comes to cracking some entrance exams such as UPSC or IELTS.

Moreover, texting or using short forms can cause language extinction. To elaborate, when people do not pay attention to the subtlety of grammar or spelling, the language can die automatically, or the efforts of lexicographers can succeed in vain, who made a lot of effort and spent many years to make these. Just because of its comfortability as well as it’s popularity, a specific section of society can put any language on the verge of extinction. English and Sanskrit are a few languages that are losing their importance due to instant communication.

To conclude, it is clear that regular usage of short forms, as well as text messages, will ruin the writing skills of people, and it might also put a language at risk and belittle the efforts of lexicographers who have done hard labour to make them.

Sample 2 Communication Through Text Messaging and Other Instant Forms of Online Communication Is Short

Communication via text messages and other online platforms such as Whatsapp and Instagram is short in length and basic. Some argue that because of this, knowledge related to grammar and spelling in the language will die in the future. However, I am afraid I have to disagree with this view as I believe that, albeit we learn by communicating through messages, it is not the only way of learning the language. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss the views of people and the reason why I do not see them this way.

As communicating via short messages is in vogue these days, many individuals are afraid about grammar and spelling-related skills. They feel that focusing more on these skills will positively impact the language. For instance, it is easy to remember things which we do regularly. If we write the wrong spelling every day when we type a message, there is a high chance of forgetting the right one, which is not good. Hence, some people are concerned regarding spelling and grammar these days.

On the other hand, some individuals believe that the primary purpose of communicating via messages is to stay connected with friends and family in this busy lifestyle. To stay connected, what is more, important is to be able to understand the gist of the message and not to focus on grammar or spelling. To cite an example, if we try to write everything perfectly, it will take a long to type, and it will become boring to read and write; hence, the primary purpose of communication will not be served. Therefore, many individuals feel that writing in messages should be essential. As we acquire knowledge via only communication, this will not negatively impact skills such as grammar and spelling.

I also believe that short typing messages will not lead to the death of grammar and spelling because we learn the language in school, where we focus on these aspects of language. Moreover, we professionally also follow perfect English, which will also improve our language skills. To illustrate, people check their grammar and spelling mistakes before they send any email to anyone regarding work. These accuracy measures will keep knowledge of grammar and spelling alive. Just sending small messages to near ones will not change anything.

To conclude, communicating through messages which are small will have a deteriorating impact on language skills can not be accurate. We learn the language in school and focus on grammar and spelling while communicating professionally will retain skills thoroughly. So, people should not focus on grammar and spelling mistakes while sending messages.

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