Compare Two Seasons in Your Country Speaking Cue Card

Compare two seasons in your country speaking cue card with answer

My nation, India, has mainly four seasons: summer, winter, autumn, and spring. 🌞❄️🍂🌸 The length and severity of seasons vary in different parts of India.

Changes in the duration and intensity have also been observed over the years. Due to global warming, summers now extend from March to September, October can be considered the month of autumn, February as spring, and November to January are the winter months. I am going to compare the summer and winter seasons.

Summers are long and hot, whereas winters are cold and short. ☀️🆚❄️ Days are longer in summer than in winter, resulting in significantly more outdoor activity in summer than in winter.


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You tend to sweat a lot in summer, while in winter, you don’t sweat much. In summer, you like to wear cool types of cotton, while in winter, you can wear any clothes. 🩳🧣 You can enjoy water sports like swimming in summer. 🏊‍♂️

Because of these weathers, we need the help of electronic pieces of equipment in both summer and winter. However, whereas we need an air-conditioner or motor fan in summer, we need a heater in winter. 🔥🆚❄️

You can feel overflowing life in a summer forest, whereas the winter forest gives you peaceful silence. 🌳🆚🌲 I like winters more because you don’t sweat, you can wear any clothes, and there are a lot of things to eat. 🧥🍲

In summer, it is extremely hot, and you tend to sweat a lot. There are numerous mosquitoes and lizards and also more power cuts in electricity. 🦟💡

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