Compared to Previous Generations, an Increasing Number of People Are Travelling Overseas for Holidays

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Compared to previous generations, an increasing number of people are travelling overseas for holidays. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative trend?

It is an irrefutable fact that nowadays, a number of individuals are preferred to go on international trips for vacations as compared to the past. While some believe that this is a positive trend, others reject this notion. However, this, in my opinion, is a positive development. This essay will analyse the reasons behind this trend and explain why this is a positive development.

To commence with, there are several reasons why a plethora of people choose to travel overseas nations, but the most predominant one is the availability of sources due to the advancement of technology. In other words, this is because, in ancient times, folks had limited resources and knowledge about international countries, which did not allow them to go outside for extravagances. However, the world has become more globalised due to social media, which provides all details in just one click and allows travel freaks to grasp all relevant data. In addition to this, folks are more financially stable so that they are not only affording transportation but also get all other expenditures, and as a result, it increases the chance to interact with a distinct lifestyle and reduce stress. For instance, numerous studies have shown that the tourism sector has grown by 30 % in the last decade and promoted local councils on an international scale.

However, in my opinion, overseas tours have bought many positive developments. Firstly, one can broadly expand their origin and traditions internationally by interacting with other cultures, which would help them boost their knowledge and boundaries. For example, many Westerners have visited China since they were attracted to see the unique culture of the ancient China civilisation, such as the Great Wall of China or the Terracotta Army. Secondly, travelling also helps people release their stress because people who live in big cities are stressed with their tight schedules and taking some trips to the countryside; will help them loosen the tension.

In conclusion, overseas travelling is not only a great way for pupils to release stress but also benefits in terms of better communication with distinct nations. So more and more people can adopt this trend since people could get lots of benefits for doing this activity.

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