Convenience Foods Will Become Increasingly Prevalent

Convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and methods of preparation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that fast food will be more popular in this fast-paced world, and these will take the place of homemade foods and will change the methods of preparation. I completely agree with the statement because people have a hectic schedule and, due to it, less time for cooking. Moreover, variety in fast food makes it change with the staple food.

First off, the Paradigm shift has made the lifestyle of the masses busy, and they do not have time to prepare food for themselves. Thus they more relied on pre-cooked food. So, the demand will mushroom, and this growing demand will make it happen to replace staple food with canned food. For instance, the majority of people work at different places and having fewer culinary skills. So after doing work round-the-clock, they consider eating junk food instead of traditional food. Being easily available at any place, it has raised its demand. So individuals do not hesitate to pay an excessive amount if they get even at any time of the day.

Furthermore, now readymade food is available in different varieties. So, people get allure to relish different kinds of pre-cooked foods. They have more choices than earlier. I think this reason is also responsible for making fast foods popular and people get to know about different cultures and their traditions. To exemplify it, Chinese noodles are used to make it savoury and adding more ingredients, and these are also made nutritious by blending vegetables and fruits.

To conclude. Thus, people fascinate to eat more junk food because of its easy availability, rich taste and nutritious values. So, I think in the foreseeable future, traditional foods will be replaced, and people tend to eat more canned food.

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