Crimes and Other Kinds of Information on Tv and Newspapers

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Crimes and Other kinds of information on Tv and Newspapers have bad consequences. This kind of information should be restricted to be shown in the media. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

It is argued that misdeeds and other violent information that are telecast on TV and printed in newspapers have adverse outcomes. So, this type of information must be banned. I completely agree with the statement because it instigates the young minds to adopt anti-social behaviour as well as sometimes it becomes a threat for society people to live under fearful conditions.

At the outset, crime scenes and information about illegal acts instigate the young minds to adopt hostile behaviour. To exemplify it, when youngsters watch any crime related episodes; then, it is natural for them to be aggressive. They started to develop enmity and display their anger whenever they confront similar conditions. So, in my perspective, such things can imbalance their personality, and they will not have contended with their lives. So restrictions on these TV programmes can save youngsters ruining their life.

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Furthermore, criminal scenes or related information to crime can pose a threat to living society in fear. For instance, when offenders are shown on mad boxes doing burglary or murder, then it excited the people to earn money by involving themselves in such kinds of offences. So, people commit the crime in the same manner as it has been shown on television. So, media has a big hand in creating insecurity among the members of society. Society people live in constant apprehension, and they are unable to enjoy their life. So, there must be a ban on showing these types of programmes. Savdhaan India is a typical example of it. Although it has created awareness among people; however, the masses do not have trust in their genuine relationships, and it has made people dubious, and now and then, innocent people become culprits. So, complete avoidance is a must to create harmony in society.

In conclusion, thus, media has contributed to escalating violence by showing illegal activities and information. Youngsters turn hostility, and society does not remain a safe and secure place to live in.

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