Describe A Bad Service You Received In A Restaurant/shop

Describe a bad service you received in a restaurant/shop
You should say:

  • When and where it happened
  • What happened
  • How it was solved
  • And explain how you felt about the experience

Sample Answer of Describe A Bad Service You Received In A Restaurant/shop

A couple of months ago, during a weekend outing in the heart of the city, I decided to dine at a newly opened restaurant that had garnered quite some attention. Located in a quaint corner, its exteriors promised a delightful experience; however, the reality was starkly different.

Upon entering, I noticed that, despite the restaurant being barely half-full, no staff member approached to seat us. After what felt like an eternity but was probably around ten minutes, we managed to grab the attention of a waiter, who seemed more engrossed in his mobile phone than in attending to the patrons. Once seated, it took another fifteen minutes for our order to be taken. Throughout our meal, the service was lackluster: water glasses remained unfilled, and our request for condiments went unanswered.

Realizing that the management might be unaware of the lapses, I decided to speak to the manager. After listening intently to my feedback, he apologized profusely, explaining that some of their staff were new and still under training. As a goodwill gesture, he offered us a complimentary dessert and assured better service in the future.


Although the resolution provided by the manager was satisfactory, the overall experience left a bitter taste. Dining out isn’t just about the food but the complete experience, which, in this case, was marred by poor service. While I appreciate the manager’s attempt to rectify the situation, I believe that a well-established place should ensure that their staff is adequately trained before being put on the floor. The evening was a testament to how crucial attentive service is in the hospitality industry.

Follow ups of Describe A Bad Service You Received In A Restaurant/shop

Question 1. How do most people respond to bad services?

Answer – Most people, when faced with subpar service, exhibit a range of reactions. Some openly express their dissatisfaction, addressing the issue head-on. Others, preferring not to confront, might resort to sharing their experiences with friends or online reviews. However, there’s also a subset that remains silent, choosing to vote with their feet by simply not revisiting the establishment. It’s crucial for businesses to recognize and address these varied responses to ensure consistent patronage.

Question2. Do you think services are better now than in the past?

Answer – Undoubtedly, technological advancements and heightened competition have enhanced service quality in many sectors today. While the past had its merits, with perhaps more personalized services, modern systems ensure efficiency and standardization. However, as technology advances, sometimes the personal touch is lost. Still, on balance, I’d argue that services are more efficient and reliable now than in yesteryears, even if occasionally less personal.

Question 3. What kind of services are bad services?

Answer – Bad services typically manifest as inefficiency, unresponsiveness, and a lack of professionalism. It’s when service providers fail to meet the expectations set by their role or by the promises of their business. For instance, delays without explanation, curt or unhelpful staff, and neglecting client feedback denote poor service. Ultimately, any experience that leaves a customer feeling undervalued or frustrated can be categorized as such.

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