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Describe a Book You Read That You Found Useful

Book You Read That You Found Useful or Describe an Exciting Book. about kane and abel

Describe a book you read that you found useful or Describe an exciting book you read. ( title Kane and Abel)

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Sample Answer of Describe a Book You Read That You Found Useful

Whenever I get time I try to read books and this is my hobby I am immensely relishing. The type of books I read greatly vary from skill development books to technical ones, sometimes religious, other time fiction, classical and contemporary books. The book I would like to describe for this topic is a novel title ‘Kane and Abel’ by the British writer “Jeffrey Archer”. Sometimes I read book reviews on the internet before I commence reading a book. I found that most of Jeffery Archer’s fans have recommended the book, Kane and Abel.

Some even commented that this is the book ever by the same author. I made up my mind at this very moment to read this book soon. After a week I purchased the book from the bookstore and started reading it. The book was an international success and reached the number one position on the New York Times best-selling book list.

This storyline started with the birth of two infants Named Kane and Abel in the year 1906. On different sides of the planet, they grew up. One shaped by a luxurious upbringing, fine schooling, and history he read, the other one who lost his mother at the time of his birth and did not know who is
father was, well tempered by war slavery and history was part of. Every page I turned tempted me to read for the. Not only for a single moment I could have stopped thinking about the events and characters of the book and that had a major influence on me. The characters have their own charismatic powers and

followed their own parts. One is gold meritorious while the other one is steel and have four fitted the dead himself. On their journey of life, they confront each other and became the ultimate adversity of each other. In their relentless battle, both men knew that there could be only one Victor and one vanquished. When both men finally grew older their son and daughter fell in love and got married.
They never agreed on the marriage because of their personal hated of each other. Abel succeeded to buy the bank stocks of Kane’s bank to hold the power to veto Kane. At the end of the story, both confronted each other for the second and last time. After that, Kane died and after his death, Abel learned that it was Kane who bagged him financially to start his hotel business. This story was told
like a magician and his powerful Portrait of a word that readers would never forget.

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