Describe a Character from A Movie or Book

Describe a character from a movie or book. You should say:

  • Who is this character?
  • When did you watch the movie?
  • What was the character?

Sample Answer of Describe a Character from A Movie or Book

Well, I love to watch various types of movies, and I am very fond of watching movies. Apart from this, I have watched several movies in my life, such as entertainment, horror orders and so on.

Here I would like to talk about a different character from which I influence, and it is in a place a very finance fascinating role. The character’s name is Rancho, and it is from the movie three idiots.

Actually, it is played by Aamir Khan, who is our leading actor as well as a superstar. Apart from this, I watch. Three idiots movie in 2017, and when I watch and I when I watched it, I was quite surprised because of his acting.


He bleeds several roles in his life like. In. PK, he played a role of an alien as well as in. In any other field, he also plays several roles and does advertisements, and you always present new things and a different look in the average movie apart from this. I watched this movie, and I was attractive due to what is characters because it shows the real faces of the institutes as well as how a person can deal with. Problems they face apart from this first time when I started to when I observed character. He always says one thing: all is well, which is just a magical word.

The meaning of all is well, and it is have that. See everything in a different look and different way. Apart from this, I love to see all his movies, and he also wins different types of prizes because of his social work and its. And it’s fantastic acting. The corrective play is a role of the movie, and it does. It is a fantastic character and plays a role with the 33 friends, and it shows that the value of education is not A to cram it. Person.

If the person needs to do to be successful in his life, he has to do something. And understand that and think properly. If he is studying, it doesn’t need to be crap. It just has to build his understanding. In law, in the. Has also the emotional scene; then his friend became injured, and he cried, and I am. So I am also feeling the emotional connection because of because I feel connected with that character. So this is a fascinating movie character.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Character from A Movie or Book

Question 1:- Is it fun to be an actor?

Answer – Of course, it is fun to be an actor, because the life of an actor is very. Interesting. For example, the actor famous actor Salman Khan. His life is very interesting because he has a good repo in social media as well as he also. Do some charity in hand and live a prosperous life. Apart from this, he also earns a lot of money. Doing work at this age, he is in his 40s, I think, and with the hand he enjoys, he is enjoying his life. So by considering all these reasons, I can say that the actor’s life is Fake.

Question 2:- What can children learn from acting?

Answer – It is a very interesting question. Please give me a minute to think. Children can learn different types of things from acting. First of all, children can learn the learn basic knowledge, basic knowledge that that actor is branding like some in some movies, and some actively perform a role of deep friendship as well as the value of. Money also gives us knowledge on how to tackle problems and if we get one. And after getting up and downs, how you can get success, successful life. So these are some things which children can easily learn from acting.

Question 3:- How are movies and real-life different?

Answer – Well, there is a huge difference between movies and real life. First of all, talking about the movie shows us how a person can beat 10 or 20% a one time. Apart from these, movies also tell us. Life is very easy you have to take one Step 2 step, and all things will go well. But in real life, it is not like that. Life is very challenging. No one is able to beat such a crowd at one time apart from this. In real life, a person has to face several emotions which are not concerned with the acting.

Question 4:- Do men and women like to watch the same kinds of films?

Answer – As far as I am concerned, both have their own taste in watching movies. If I am talking about the man, men love to watch movies such as action and drama. Hey Mama, mystery and so on. And men also love to move. Was over several other movie types of movies like Entertainment, Funny and so on, whereas females like to. Watch movies which are connected with emotions. Draw emotions and drama, and sometimes they also love to watch movies like horror movies. So there is some difference between watching movies between men and women.
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