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Describe a Childhood Friend You Know Very Well

Describe a Childhood Friend You Know Very Well
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Describe a childhood friend you know very well

Sample 1 Describe a Childhood Friend You Know Very Well

Well, when I was a kid, I used to make new friends from my classroom and from my villages. So I had many friends, some were my close friend, and some more might be just friends. So here I would like to talk about one of my friends who is mine. Close friend, and also I know him very well. The name of this friend is Banti Patel.

Actually, the real name of Banti Patel is Chandresh, but I call him Bunty with love and respect. Actually, he is my childhood friend, and he lives beside my house so we know each other very well. And we become friends. If I talk about how we become friends, I can say. We met and one marriage function of my brother, and then we made friends.

And then after, we both have similar entries as to why our friendship will be really great. Suppose I talk about the things which I like to do with Bunty Badal. In that case, I love to do many different things such as reading, exercising or playing sports or video games because we know each other very well and support each other in every problem.

We share a lot of things which are there so. I think that is the most important thing. Important things which I like the most and I like him most because he is a very supportive and very polite person and he is very also an intelligent person. So I can also learn a lot of things from him, and he can also. Teach me a lot, and he is a very good teacher, and now he is a doctor. He works for the society, so I like him most.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Childhood Friend You Know Very Well

Question 1:- How do people make new friends?

Answer – People make new friends in various ways. Most people like making new friends using social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. They just follow them and start communicating with them if they find something interesting in some person or they have a civilian interest. And people like make-up games like talking with someone went they travel by bus or who are surrounding people.

Question 2:- What do you think makes people have a long friendship?

Answer – From my perspective, it is most important to have trust and respect between each other to make a long friendship. When one person blindly trusts someone and does not break the trust, what kinds of trends are in make? It’s never breakable, friends.

Question 3:- Does it make things easier in a friendship if you have similar interests?

Answer – Yes, of course, if two people have similar interests, then it’s really easy to make a friendship because they have a huge amount of knowledge and they both are interested in the same things that they communicate in the well and when they start communication, then they can understand. For example, if two people are interested in sports. Sports and they can be friends.

Question 4:- How do people make friends now?

Answer – Now, people make friends very easily by using online platforms such as Specific and WhatsApp. Most people like to send them friend requests and chat with them, and then if they find it very interesting, they also meet somewhere. Make a friendship. But most of the friendships are really. Beneficial.

Question 5:- Do you think we meet new people differently now than in the past?

Answer –Yes, of course, nowadays people meet new people in a completely different way as compared to the past. In the past, most people like to meet face-to-face at family functions or in places such as schools and colleges. But nowadays people meet too. Another one is the online social media platform Enthavadu to meet two people who are not playing surrounding them, such as some foreign people.

Question 6:- What do you think? What type of personality do people of the young generation admire?

Answer –Nowadays, personality is the most important to admire in the young generation. So there are some things that a person requires as a personality to attract some people. First and foremost is confidence. A positive attitude is the most important and the second one is also politeness really important too. Select more and more people and make a good relationship with others.

Question 7:- Why is friendship nowadays so volatile?

Answer –Nowadays, friends are really volatile, but I do not agree with that because this statement is just because nowadays, people make friends for their benefit. Friends if they found something interesting or they want to learn from them, and also they have any financial. Benefits from them then Then do friendship.

Question 8:- How do people in your country make friends these days?

Answer –In my country, every people have a different choice, and they make friends in different ways. Some people prefer to make friends. Just travelling and talking with people are colleagues or their relatives, and from the social media platform, many people make friends by just. Using some other platform like Omegaly in this platform, they just call randomly to other options follow and start punitive in them in different places.

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