Talk about your teenager friend ielts cue card

Talk about your teenager friend ielts cue card

You should say:

Who is he/she?

Why do you like him/her?

What do you experience from him/her?

Talk about your teenager friend ielts cue card

Sample 1:-

Well, I have met with a plethora of teenager and beautiful girls. But  I like one teenager from them, I admire her beauty as well as her good personality. I explain about her briefly.

Her name is Manpreet Kaur. She is my classmate. She is very attractive because of her beauty. She is tall, fair complexion with black hair. She maintains her beauty and looking stunning.  Every type of dress suits her because she is a slim lady.

Moreover, she is a well-educated human being. She is 17 years old. She is studying with me in a well-reputed school in my home town. She is very honest about her studies. She is very intelligent. From morning to night, She does everything for the goodness of her family as well as for her studies.

Apart from it, she teaches to poverty-stricken students in the evening every day. She does if free for poor learners.


Furthermore, she donates money y in schools from her pocket money for the help of intelligent and poor juveniles. Besides it, all her activities attract others as well as myself so much such as her way of talking, sense of humor, politeness, creativity and so on.

All in all, she is the backbone of her family who has attached to all family members. I meet with her many times. Ii invited her once on the marriage of my cousin. During a marriage function at my house. She came to my home with his family to attend the wedding party of my cousin’s marriage.

She impresses me whenever I meet her. She also does chit-chat with me on facebook. I like her very much and wish to be like her.

Sample 2:-

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. We all get a different friend at different stages in our life but, childhood friends are those who always play an important role in our lives. I also have 3-4 friends in my teenage age. Today, I would like to speak about Mr. Avneet Singh who belongs to the moderate family and lived in our neighbor. His father was a government servant but my father had his own business. We both were in the same school and we’re going to school on the same bus.

We both played together at the city park, in the evening, after finishing our homework. He is really a kind person. I don’t remember any moment when he lost his temper on anyone and used rude words. If I had any problem, then, he was always there for me and solved all my problems like his own.

He became my family member for me. I remember I’m the one who never even taste new things without him and vice versa. Our families always told us that we both are not even friends, actually seems brothers. And I also believe it. Still, our bond is the same as before. However, we both get matured now, but we both meet at weekends and enjoy a lot.

I learned a lot from him and will never forget his love for me. I will always remember his care for me. That’s why I thankful to God for giving me a friend like him and I wish, our bond becomes more and more strong day by day.


Question: What is the difference between teenagers and children?

Answer: There is not much difference between teenagers and kids. Teenagers are mature as compares to children as well as, kids are more innocent and immature. Life is less complex for children and teenagers life more complex and confusing. There is also more difference between physically, emotionally and biologically power. Teenagers also have more ability to learning.

Question: Why do you think this difference can classify teenagers and children?

Answer: It is all about nature because of everyone change according to their body changes. It is also because of awareness and the exposure that the teenagers have as compared to kids.

Question: Teenagers are more intelligent or not?

Answer: Actually, anybody cannot judge to teenagers because some teenagers are intelligent but some are not. It is all about every teenager’s ability and hard work. According to me, everyone is intelligent but, they should stay confidence not overconfidence. youngsters also do hard-work for a good future as well as, choose the future according to the interest.

Question: Children should take care and respect elders?

Answer: Take care and respect is more important to everything and, kids must give respect to their elders. If children take care of their elders then kids received blessings as a gift and, old people also share their knowledge and experience which is useful in the future and children learn moral values and good manners.

Question: What are the difference between teenagers and old people?

Answer: Elders have more experience of life as compares to youngers as well as, elders are not hasty and impatient like teenagers. Moreover, teens have full knowledge about technology. They also know about all types of new gadgets.




Talk about your teenager friend ielts cue card


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