Describe a club you organized or involved in it.

Describe a club you organized or involved in it.

-What type of club it is?

-What is your involvement there?

And explain why it is important to you.


Well,  I belong to a small village named “Malliana” which comes under one district of Punjab named Moga. It is a developing village with modern facilities in it such as a hospital, a school, a bank branch, good water supply, 24-hour electricity supply and so on. And here I would like to talk about a  club which was organized by my uncle Named “Deepak”. It is known as a youth club in my village. I describe it briefly.

About two years ago, there were no modern facilities in my village. But every person in my village sought for its development. Then, Uncle Deepak collected the young ones of my village and organized a youth club. He presented himself as a leader of this youth club. Also,  He involved me in it. After it, he started the work of the village’s development. He requested villagers to donate money.

First of all, people discouraged him that it is impossible to develop a village and provide modern facilities for all the villagers. But he indulged in his work honestly. Only those human beings helped as well as supported him who were the members of this youth club. But After one year, when the village started developing, then every villager supported him.


Moreover, this youth club worked for all the modern facilities. I feel on the ninth cloud whenever I see the success of this youth club. I also wanted to put my contribution into the development of my village beside my support for uncle Deepak. Then, about a month ago, I thought about the development of a library in my village because there was no library.  After it, I shared this view with uncle Deepak and he encouraged me to do it.

Further, I requested to the owner of a library which is situated in my village’s nearby town. I told him about the benefits which a library brings for the people. He obeyed it. He helped me to get permission from my district’s offices. When all the arrangements were done, the youth club organized an opening programme of it.

Eventually, by the grace of God, the library was opened. Uncle Deepak chooses its name on my name “Preet Library”. In the present time, everyone visits this library. I felt highly elated about it. So, this is a youth club in my village.

Describe a club you organized or involved in it youth club in my village

Describe a club you organized or involved in it

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