Describe a Conversation Topic You Were Not Interested in

Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in.

You should say

  • Who you talked with?
  • When you had the conversation?
  • What was the topic?
  • And explain why you were not interested?

Sample Answer of the Cue Card Describes a conversation topic you were not interested in.

Communication is an art I like to engross but many times we have to ignore certain things and forcefully ourselves to be agreed on a few points. Similarly, I was in a situation last month with my colleague who is very smart and genius but I don’t know what he acted like a kid on that day, where we visited a client.

He was dubious and dumb with his arguments over investment strategies which I like to ignore, as we went for a technical discussion of our machine technology. Unfortunately, he started with the finance and monetary system of the Indian market. As I have zero interest in this field but he and that client kept talking for hours on that day.

As I am from the technical side so and never studied before or read about these things so I always find myself awkward and uncomfortable. Though I asked him later we should not do this kind of
conversation again and he laughed at me.

1 thought on “Describe a Conversation Topic You Were Not Interested in”

  1. Many times I had unexpected conversations with someone. I had not interested in but I have to speak on those topics. I would like to share a topic from that. That time I felt so annoyed. We are very close to our neighbors and mostly we go on vacation, together. Almost a year ago my neighbors and I were talking about our road trip. We talked about a broken road where went for four days on a trip. We had spent a lot of time together, then suddenly my neighbor started to talk about politics which was boring for me because I have not interested in it. However, we had a conversation about 30 minutes on it even though I did not interested in it. He is like to talk about politics because every year at election time he does volunteer with the leaders of party.He has a lot of knowledge about politicisation. The reason I am not interested because I do not know about much it.

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