Describe a cool winter morning cue card Ieltsfever

Describe a cool winter morning cue card Ieltsfever

You should say:

Why do you like winter morning?

what do you like most about it?

What do you like to do at that time?

Sample 1:-

Well, I have enjoyed 22 winter seasons in my whole life. I like the winter season so much due to some reasons. For instance, I can enjoy cool winter mornings, a variety of dry fruits, Sweets and so on. And here I would like to talk about a cool winter morning which was very cold according to my point of view. I explain it briefly.

Approximately one year ago,  I enjoyed an excellent winter morning. On that day, I got up early in the morning at around 6:00 am. I went to the bathroom and felt fresh. Then, I did preparations to go to the morning walk and yoga in the nearby park of my home. Because morning walk has become my habit.

I wore winter clothes and took a yoga mat with myself. I saw outside my house through the window. I felt so much astounded that There was the fog all around my home. I hardly saw anything outside. Firstly, I canceled to go to morning walk but then I thought that it is not good to cancel morning walk just for the fog.

After then, I went outside. On the way, It was very difficult to see any object, as well as only a few people, we’re going here and there. The chill wind was blowing which made cool my hands. I started shivering. When I reached the park named “Deen Park”, I felt astonished that there were not many persons came due to thick fog and cold wind. I set up a mat on the grass in the park and started yoga. After it, I did exercises to remove coolness of my body. Exercises warmed my body and I felt relief from coolness to some extent.

I was coming back to my home. On the path, My whole body was again shivering with a cold wind. I arrived at my house in just a few minutes. Then, I drunk a cup of tea and some snacks. The hot tea gave me relief. Then, I went to my room to get ready for college.

All in all, that was the cool winter morning.

Sample 2:-

Well, I have to go office on a daily basis either in summer or in winter. And, today, I have asked to talk about a cool winter morning. Firstly, I want to say winter is my favorite season because of the numbers of reasons. Well! Here, I’m going to talk about a day, when I was going to the office.

It was the day of the month of December. I got up early morning and got ready to go office around 4 a.m. I go to office by bus at 6 a.m daily. As, my office time is 8 a.m. but, I pick a bus at It is because my office is far away and it takes 2 hours to reach there. Today, when I came out of my house, I felt it was very cold today as compared to other days.

Describe a cool winter morning cue card Ieltsfever

Even, I had already worn warm clothes, a scarf, and my Willington shoes. I started a walk to the bus station but I felt that I was not able to walk and I got numbers of thoughts in mind like I shouldn’t go,  go back to home, If I’ll go, I will definitely be sick etcetera, etc. With the huge thoughts, I continuously walked and felt streets are deserted and quiet. Finally, I reached the bus station and waiting for the bus.

Again, the bus was not on the time and I decided to enjoy the cool winter morning. So, I took a walk again, inside the bus station because there was no one to see me doing stupid things with snow as well. There was a thick layer of snow and really it was looking very pretty. Awe-inspiring to see everything covered in thick layers of snow. I took numbers of photographs there, did a number of stupidities as well.

After 20-25 minutes, I got a bus and went to the office a little late. Due to weather, all had come too late. I told everything which I did in the morning alone and others also shared their moments and things happened to them. After getting the heat of gossips in the office, we all start our job as like other days. So, it was the cool winter morning when I reached my office late but got a memory of the season.


Question: What types of weather do people in your country dislike most? why?

Answer: In India, folks mostly dislike cold weather, rain comes all time and it’s really cold here on such days. People hate more because everybody and children face many physical difficulties during work and school. sometimes fog is very heavy and happens many accidents on the road. wearing heavy clothes it’s also a difficult challenge.

Question: What jobs can be affected by cold weather?

Answer: Cold weather conditions mostly affected builders and farmers. sometimes builders lost their contracts and farmers also face risk and sometimes lose the new crops. for example: if the weather is cold, people who work outside cannot work properly. pilots and icecream sellers are two other professions that are also affected by bust weather.

Question: benefits of hot weather?

Answer: there are so many advantages of hot weather. we enjoy rain in hot weather as well as, do all sorts of outdoor and water activities. children also go swimming with parents and friends. everyone enjoy the ice cream, spicy and other cold eatable things as well as, girls wear short dresses and frocks. Hot weather also beneficial for health as well as work.


Describe a cool winter morning cue card Ieltsfever

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