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Describe a Difficult Decision that You Once Made

Describe a Difficult Decision that You Once Made (1)

Describe a difficult decision that you once made

Sample Answer of Describe a Difficult Decision that You Once Made

I would like to talk about one moment where I was contemplating between two subjects: which way should I go, as I had to decide for my career. It was the time when I completed my 12th grade and I had to go for higher education, that is, a bachelor’s degree. As I was in a dilemma whether I should choose medical as my career or go towards engineering, I started delving into the internet to search and find something useful but did not get any help out of it. Then, I approached my seniors to get some useful information from them but that also didn’t work out for me, because they had their own thought processes which were completely different from mine. So I finally decided to ask my dad who has always been there for me whenever I got stuck in any kind of difficult situation. He made me understand that I have a fondness of science specifically physics, and apart from that I have a keen interest in Maths, like solving mathematical questions, and if I choose engineering as my career I have to face the same subjects and will definitely flourish in my career as I am having quite a strong foundation. After that, I decided to opt for the engineering field and right now, I can see the outcome as I have achieved great accomplishments in my field. It is an amazing feeling and most importantly, I love what I do. So I think, the decision of pursuing engineering was an extremely tough decision for me to take at that time, but yes as my dad was by my side, I was able to pull it off successfully.

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Question 1. What decisions do people generally make in their daily life?

Answer – per my experience, there are so many decisions which a person generally takes in his or her life and it totally depends on what type of situation that person is into like a career-related decision or a marriage-related decision or expanding his or her family and so on.

Question 2. Which is easier, making a decision by oneself or making a decision after a group discussion?

Answer – As I already mentioned, it totally depends on the person’s situation, like in my case when I had to take a decision related to my career which I was not able to figure out on my own. Then finally I had to take help from my friends and also from my dad so it was kind of a group decision from me whereas in terms of choosing simple things in daily life like eating habits or clothes which are always an individual decision.

Question 3. Why are many young people unwilling to listen to their parent’s advice?

Answer – My take on this is that they have become gullible, to put it in other words, they are getting influenced very easily and from different sources like especially movies, some adult shows and somewhere if they have a wrong friend circle. So these are a few factors that are actually making their mindset somewhat different and not letting them pay heed to the advice of their parents or their elders.

Question 4. Why do middle-aged people tend to second guess their decision?

Answer – It is all because of the phase in which they are into as they already have some experience of life and also, they feel some kind of inferiority when their friends are able to take any decision solely and they are not. So mainly because of peer pressure, and also having some kind of experience, they make their own decisions sometimes by speculating or guessing.

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