Describe a Disagreement You Had with Someone

Describe a disagreement you had with someone.

  • What it was about?
  • Who you had a disagreement with?
  • What opinions you had?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Disagreement You Had with Someone

As everyone’s thinking process is different, it is very normal to have disagreements with someone. I mostly like to put my opinions clearly when required, so sometimes I have conflicts with my colleagues and family members.

I vividly remember two years ago, when I used to work as an associate dentist at Dr Boghani’s dental clinic, I disagreed with the treatment plan of one patient with our head dentist, Dr C. P boghani. We normally discuss cases in the clinic, and opinions may differ as there are many different ways of treating patients.

On that day, we were discussing a case of a female patient who had difficulty chewing. I took her radiographs and then I showed them to Sir. Sir asked me how I would progress in this case, and I was thinking of extracting the teeth and then replacing them with removable appliances.

However, Sir wanted to save her remaining teeth, and he thought about providing a fixed prosthesis. He explained that the reason for not removing teeth was that the patient was old and we should go for conservative treatment. Although I was not convinced by Sir’s opinion, I followed his instructions and completed the case as he directed because satisfying the patient’s needs was our priority.

Part 3 Questions – Disagreements

Question 1:- How can we stop an argument from escalating into a fight?

Answer – One should remain calm when arguments are heating up, and we should try to listen to the other person. We can request that person remain calm and think about our view, and if that person is not in the state of understanding anything, then we should walk away at that time.

Question 2:- What disagreements do parents and children usually have?

Answer – A common argument between parents and children is about choosing career options. Other conflicts which occur are about using too many mobile phones, staying out for long and not spending enough time with family.

Question 3:- What do you do if you disagree with someone?

Answer – I try to listen to their point of view, and I also try to explain my opinion to them if they are ready to listen, but I don’t argue much if that person is not in the state of listening and understanding anything.

Question 4:- Is the argument important?

Answer – Yes, I believe a healthy argument is good; by this, you know other people’s points of view. However, if the argument does not lead to any conclusion and keeps hurting other people and creating differences, then such arguments must be stopped.

Question 5:- What do brothers and sisters argue about?

Answer – The most common argument about Tv remotes in the past was between brothers and sisters, but nowadays, they argue about differences between them. For instance, boys in the family are allowed to stay out until late, and girls are not.

Question 6:- What arguments occur between family members?

Answer – Parents and children always have conflicts about the usage of mobile phones. Another argument is about choosing a career path and life partner for children. Sometimes money matters are also the reason for the argument between family members.

Question 7:- Who do you think should teach children to respect- teachers or parents?

Answer – I believe both should teach. Children’s first school is their parents only, so they should teach their children to respect their elders. Children meet more people in school, so teachers should teach them how to behave socially and respect other people’s opinions.

Question 8:- What do you do when you have a disagreement with your parents?

Answer – I try to explain my side, and I also try to listen to their view. If I cannot reach a conclusion, then I ask for some time to think more about it.

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