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Describe a Family Not Your Own That You Like.

Describe a Family Not Your Own That You Like.

Describe a family not your own that you like.

You should say:

I always believe that a family is an amalgamation of feelings emotions with a pinch of fights. I know this family called Mr. Iyers who used to live beside us during my initial days of marriage.

After my marriage, we shifted down south to Kerala owing to my husband’s job change. as I am naive and just started my marriage life. I was all confused. we took a decent two-bedroom apartment. on the very first day, a lady draped in six yards saree came up to me and asked did u have tiffin and instantly went inside the home and cam bask with a pot dull of idlis.

as we follow that first impression is the best impression we immediately became acquaintances later bosom friends. even though she is older than e she is too energetic than me. they have an anuclear family with one son and one daughter.

later I called them for dinner where my husband and uncle too became close pals. their daughter and son too are well-mannered and friendly. I never saw them quarreling, yelling at the kids, or boasting about themselves.

I always felt that a family should be intact irrespective of the circumstances and they proved to be one. Aunty is very intuitive and her husband is very diplomatic. eventually, we shifted back to Mumbai but are still in contact and meet them never we travel down.


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