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Describe a Film or A Tv Programme that Has Made a Strong Impression on You: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a Film or A Tv Programme that Has Made a Strong Impression on You Recent Speaking Test

Describe a film or a TV programme that has made a strong impression on you. You should say:

Sample 1 Describe a Film or A Tv Programme that Has Made a Strong Impression on You

Well, to be very honest, I consider myself a binge-watching because when I observe television shows, I feel inner gratification. Here I would like to shed some light on a particular tv show which is like to watch it is none other than Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma.

Walking down memory lane prior ten years back when I was in the two standards after completion of my final examination, I felt over the moon. Moreover, I was leisurely from my academics and felt monotonous at my abode at that time.

I came to know about this show from my sister initially. I laughed at her how this show was a wastage of time; however, after a few hours when I watch this show I got a feeling of serenity; what is more, the fascinating character of the story is jehtalal, who is always in trouble whenever he wants to perform any new activity, another pp captivating character of the story is days which is renowned for their traditional dance Garba and their mouthwatering cuisine.

Furthermore, individuals in society crack jokes at each other to laugh audience, and it is a stress-buster activity for me. This show is telecasted on sab tv at 8:30 from Monday to Friday. I watch this with my whole family members while having dinner, and I feel on top of the world. Apart from this prime minister of India also appreciate these tv shows as it is an optimum way to kill time.

In addition, this is a comedy show when I feel down in the dumps. I prefer to watch these shows and feel inner gratification. Additionally, I watch every episode of this show on both YouTube and television. Honestly speaking, I have watched this show for around ten years not it has become a part and parcel thing of my life, owing to which it has a big impression on my heart.

Last but not least, I also recommend this show to my near and dear ones in future. If I get an opportunity to meet with any character from the tv show, I will surely meet them and never miss the boat. To cut a long story short, this is the show which is love to watch.

Sample 2 Describe a Film or A Tv Programme that Has Made a Strong Impression on You

I don’t watch more movies. Due to my busy schedule, I don’t have time to watch the film. Today I like one of the best movies which have a strong impression on me.

One month ago, my friend made a plan to watch a KGF movie. this movie was an action, crime and drama film, and the central theme on gangsters. His name was rocky. He was the biggest gangster.

During childhood, they dreamed of buying the whole world gold and promised their mother. They do crime during childhood, too, and one day, they meet the biggest gangster and understand . after a year, they can find a gold mining factory and start mining in this movie struggle show.

After their struggle, one day, I was arrested in the sea, and they died with the whole world’s gold. This movie impressed me because his mom promised him, and he was staring at all things and completing what his mom promised.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Film or A Tv Programme that Has Made a Strong Impression on You

Question 1:- Do you think the cinema has increased or decreased in popularity in recent years?

Answer 1:- Without thought, cinema decreased in popularity because of television because this individual prefers to watch movies on television by sitting in the comfort of their home without spending any money. Even I am also one of those I also prefer to watch the film on television rather than cinema.

Answer 2:- In recent years, cinema popularity decreased because of the OTT platform because most people watch movies at home. So they can save their money and watch the film with their family and friends.

Question 2:- In your opinion, will this trend continue into the future?

Answer 1:- Definitely yes, because in this contemporary epoch, technology is mushrooming at an alarming rate, owing to which people love to watch tv shows on various websites like Netflix because of its convenience. In fact, in future, because of television and cell phones, cinema will be endangered.

Answer 2:- Yes, as I mentioned earlier. Its save time and money.

Question 3:- What are the advantages and disadvantages of making films of real-life events?

Answer 1:- Well, according to my perspective, I deem that every coin has two sides. There are myriad advantages of making movies on real-life events that spread awareness among individuals, and the masses become conscious. On the other hand, if I talk about disadvantages, it is a total waste of time and money.

Answer 2:- While making the film of real-life events. The advantage is people learn from them. There are several movies, Such as MS Dhoni movie. This movie is an excellent effect on cricket lovers. And the disadvantage is people don’t learn from them and do the same thing, which affects society.

Question 4:- How important do you think it is for a filmmaker to remain true to the original story?

Answer 1:- To be very honest, it is significant for the artist or the filmmaker to remain honest with the original truth. This is because In order to grab the audience’s interest, it is the optimum way. Moreover, the movie adds emotions and feelings in the movie because to earn a handsome amount of money. Also, they want views on their movie.

Answer 2:- In my opinion, it’s deepened on a filmmaker giving an excellent message to society. For example, their purpose in making a historical movie is so they can focus on the original story. Otherwise, it is part controversial.

Question 5:- Should films and television be censored or should we be free to choose what we see?

Answer 1:- Individual has the freedom to choose tv shows that they want to watch to kill their leisure time. Besides this, it is also beneficial for individuals’ holistic development and drastically improves mankind’s life.

Answer 2:- Yes, of course, because on TV, Movie show some drugs, blood, etc. which are affected by people. The majority of people watch movies with their families.

Question 6:- How do you think censorship laws will change in the next 20 years?

Answer 1:- According to my perspective, the future is uncertain because of modifications in various laws. Censorship laws also change after 20 years in future, perhaps for the change in government. If it happens, it is advantageous not solely for the nation but also for individuals in society.

Answer 2:- In my opinion, make it more friendly and helpful to view because creating art will be the dominating factor for losses censorship of the movie’s future.

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