Describe a Film or A TV Programme that Has Made a Strong Impression on You

Describe a film or a TV programme that has made a strong impression on you

You should say:

  • what kind of film or TV programme it was, e.g. comedy
  • when you saw the film or TV programme
  • What the film or TV programme was about
  • And explain why this film or TV programme made such an impression on you.

Sample Answer of Describe a Film or A TV Programme that Has Made a Strong Impression on You

Let me start by saying that generally, I am very selective in watching TV programs. Owing to my hectic daily schedule, it is difficult for me to spare time for leisure, so I usually watch them based on their ratings. Here, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about one such program which I stumbled upon accidentally while flipping through remote and eventually got me hooked to it nearly for 5 days.

Nearly a month ago, while enjoying my bank holiday, I decided to check out the new release in Hindi movies since I was missing most of them in the past. I couldn’t make up my mind for some time what to watch, so I decided to play the one on Netflix with a fascinating cover. It was a fictional web series called Zoo based on the concept of the animal apocalypse, which intrigued me so, I decided to give it a shot.

The story plot revolved around a manufactured virus that accidentally leaked into the lab rats and gradually passed over to the entire animal kingdom. This virus was responsible for making even human-friendly animals like cows, goats turning into violent beasts. The concept was that the animal kingdom has decided to take revenge on humankind for all their animal atrocities over several centuries. I must say, I was so engrossed in the same that I forgot to keep track of the time. This went only for straight 5 days, where I finally have a sigh of relief after successfully finishing 3 seasons. One key takeaway from the series is how often humans take animals for granted and use them for selfish purposes. Life is precious for both humans and animals, and they should go in balance.

Follow-ups Describe a Film or A TV Programme that Has Made a Strong Impression on You.

Question 1. Do you think the cinema has increased or decreased in popularity in recent years?

Answer – In my personal experience, movies have gained huge popularity in recent years, but the trend of watching movies in a cinema hall is slowly disappearing. In my country, people have large screen TVs, home theatres, the internet, Netflix, which are enough to provide a theatre-like experience at the comfort of home. For these reasons, no of movie-goers are declining steadily in recent years. For instance – I cannot remember the last time vividly when I went to a cinema, it might be 2-3 years back.

Question 2. In your opinion, will this trend continue into the future?

Answer – I guess so. Unless radical changes are brought to the cinema halls and restrictions are imposed the online movie platforms, the trend will continue down the road. Movie theatres would lose their attractions further, and technology would assist us in watching movies on demand at home. However, some people will still go to the cinema with friends and family to enjoy a movie on a day out.

Question 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of making films of real-life events?

Answer – If I talk about the benefits, real-life-based movies are often inspiring and carry a key message to the audience. For instance, a biopic of Saina Nehwal, a former world no 1 badminton player from India, is awfully inspiring, showcasing her hardships during her journey to success. So, movies like this are sure to motivate the general public in one or another way. In addition, it comes with a readymade plot, so fewer efforts are needed from the filmmaker on this aspect.

On the downside, it is often tricky to direct these movies since it is challenging to present the actual facts interestingly. As a general notion, people look for entertainment factors in any movie, and any movie lacking this aspect often doesn’t do well at the box office.

Question 4. How important do you think it is for a filmmaker to remain true to the original story?

Answer – Well, In my opinion, if the movie plot is based on a real-life story, then ideally, the filmmaker should adhere to the original story as much as possible. Otherwise, the whole purpose of the movie, which showcases the truth, will be defeated. For sure, he can make it interesting with modern technology, talented cast, exceptional direction, some minor twist and turn to hook the audiences.

Question 5. Should films and television be censored, or should we be free to choose what we see?

Answer – I cannot agree more. Censorship is absolutely mandatory to make sure that a TV program is suitable to watch for people from all walks of life. Without set regulations, many cinemas or TV series would include extreme violent and offensive scenes that cannot be viewed while sitting together with family. Most of the time is totally uncalled for. So, the censorship panel decides what is suitable to air or how much editing is needed considering the local norms and traditions. And I think it is just as the young generation often gets carried away with movies they watch, especially their favourite actors, and tend to be negatively influenced by such content.

Question 6. How do you think censorship laws will change in the next 20 years?

Answer – Hmm. That’s a tough question to answer, but let me try. In my opinion, 20 years ago, censorship laws might not be as stringent as now and in the past. This is already becoming evident, especially on the online platform or OTT where violent or offensive scenes are being included which are not suitable for children, and this is likely to increase down the road. On a positive note, creative artists might be able to express their viewpoints more freely in the future. Another aspect that I can think of is that global viewership is increasing significantly over the years, so there might be a global censorship panel that is in charge of suitable content to air across different countries.

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