Describe a Foreign Person Who You Have Heard or Known That You Think is Interesting

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Question 1:- Describe a foreign person who you have heard or known that you think is interesting. You should say

  • Who this person is?
  • How do you know this person?
  • What kind of this person is?
  • Why do you think this person is interesting?

Sample 1 Describe a Foreign Person Who You Have Heard or Known That You Think is Interesting

There are numerous people on this earth who I find really fascinating especially of people who are from different nations today I want to talk about a person who is right now ruling the entire world another band Elon Musk so Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla group of industries making so many explorations to go to space one day out of the blue I was searching something related to solar systems and space if there is any way where we can travel to Mars that time I came across Elon Musk I was quiet fascinated with what the with what kind of fob innovations he has been doing to make something impossible and ensure that people planet for their living he is the most energetic and jovial person I have seen on social media in spite of being the richest person on the earth he’s a mouth down to earth person he has helped a lot of undergoage people he’s been running some charity evens as well recently he acquired Twitter with this he has earned even more I see that he’s making so many captivating projects and people are really impressed with it actually is creating a motivation for people to travel to outer space they feel can make a living there.

Sample 2 Describe a Foreign Person Who You Have Heard or Known That You Think is Interesting

I will be talking about a foreign personality that I know and find fascinating too. This person is called Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a footballer from Portugal who plays for Manchester United in the top flight league in England, the English premier league. At first, I was a fan of the Real Madrid football club, but that was not because of him anyway. It was certainly because of the quality of the team and how they were able to win many trophies but not until when he left the team to join Juventus in Italy that I started to lose interest in supporting Real Madrid. I realized he was my favourite player as to how I saw him taking the whole Juventus team on his shoulder, even considering his age at that time.

He is a very energetic and hardworking individual, not letting his passions down to any obstacle, and this is how come he played and always got himself recognized as one of the best footballers of all time, even at his age. I found him so interesting and even came to like him more when he later moved to Manchester United in the late stages of his football career, where I even got to like the team as my best team from then.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the one foreigner I find so fascinating because he makes every scene very lively and calls for attention whenever he is on the pitch. I hope to either meet him in person one day or get an autograph or something from him because he is my favourite person abroad and I really find him interesting, he really makes my day each, and every second I get to watch him.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Foreign Person Who You Have Heard or Known That You Think is Interesting

Question 1:- Do you have any foreign friends, and do you think having foreign friends is an excellent way to know other countries?

Answer 1:- Yes, I have a friend, a cold Nishant dean who has a master in is pursuing his master in Australia, so he always texts me and faces times on Skype stating that this is the best place and you have to visit one so after his constant persistence I also decided to go there and pursue my further education also when I go there we are planning to go for numerous trips.

Answer 2:- I have one friend in Birmingham called Timothy. Although we don’t get to chat very often due to him being busy with lectures, I am able to ask him stuff about his country and also, when we engage in video calls, I can see the environment behind him as very breathtaking. This isn’t all about knowing a country; however, it gives you insight into a few things which you would probably love to see or know when you have a foreign friend from that particular country.

Question 2:- Do you think it’s important to know the culture and language before going to another country?

Answer 1:- Not really It is not essential or mandatory to learn the culture and the language before going to a different country because nobody is most of the country’s local people know English basic fundamental knowledge they know about English, but in some countries like Japan, we need to follow a proper culture so such kinds of countries maybe we should just know a basis of what they are lively hooters and how they respect one another.

Answer 2:- Knowing the culture isn’t very important. I guess what I deem very crucial to know before leaving for a different country is the language of that country. There are significant ways of learning languages of some countries nowadays, and even there are courses for such studies which are required by some countries from their immigrants before coming to their country. Consequently, I guess language is most important to focus on before migrating to a particular country than knowing their culture.

Question 3:- What do you think of people who work in international companies?

Answer 1:- I think people who employ in international companies get the best work-life balance work only for 8 hours a day post which they can log off and come out of their organizations similarly the management is really amiable they ensure that their employees are not having any kind of psychological problems when they are working I really love the lifestyle and the management of work in foreign countries, and that is the reason why I am planning to migrate there.

Answer 2:- Working in international companies is something that could be fascinating at times but might also be very adventurous. When I talked about knowing the language of another country before migrating there, I think this is where it comes to play very crucially, and it will be very difficult for someone to work in an environment when he can’t understand any language spoken by people there and not to talk of this, most international companies wouldn’t accept people who are not fluent in the major language of their country. In all, what I think of people working in international companies is that it’s breathtaking to engage in such an opportunity.

Question 4:- What abilities do people need to have when working in an international company?

Answer 1:- I and consider I feel that a person should have proper communication skills because that is what ensures how well you can converse with the foreign delegates. Similarly, you need to have a person should have proper time management and team time management skills. In foreign countries, there are only 8 hours of work we have to manage the time and stick on to the deadlines without postponing them again and again.

Answer 2:- This may vary according to the particular job the person is entitled to. For instance, an overseas nurse in the UK should be able to pass the UK NMC license exam before being able to practice in the UK. And aside from that, the major quality needed to have prevailed is having a very good interpersonal relationship and being a very good communicator. But aside all, I am not sure being incompetent on the job would be very welcoming to a worker; thus, every person working in an international company should be competent to be able to gain recognition.

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