Describe a Good Law in Your Country

Describe a Good Law in Your Country;  You should say-

  • What is the law
  • How you came to know about this law
  • Whom does it affect
  • Why is it good

Sample Answer of Describe a Good Law in Your Country

As obedient civilians, it is our prime responsibility to obey and support our national laws. All of the laws are for individuals’ benevolence and assistance. Today I would like to talk about one such law in my country which is very prominent and useful to the nationals. The law of I T.

Along with the growth of information technology, the I T crime rates and malpractices comparatively increased each and every year. Same like other international countries Indian government took the initiation to prevent these circumstances through strict laws. After all, initially, individuals were not aware of these laws, and after some serious online frauds and other online malpractices, individuals were forcefully aware of the chances of these laws.

After the massive growth of technology, the online scams rate also increased beyond our expectations like the dark web, social nuisance, and other scams.

Once, people may take the time to know about these frauds they may be lost wealth and their prestige in society. After implementing particular laws, the government had to get a chance to stop over certain levels of cases between the public.

However, like other laws, I t law had also certain pros and cons. To sum up, it is unavoidable that we cannot foil every I t frauds in one particular law, after all, it is our responsibility to know its’ chances in the present scenario.

Follow-ups Describe a Good Law in Your Country

Question 1. Do You Believe this Law is Favorable to the Nation?

Answer – According to me, all the laws are for human goodwill and human protection. Civilians get certain privileges from the side of the nation. It is our responsibility to be obedient to the mother nation and obey the laws.

Question 2. Is There any Circumstance Wherein People May Violate the Law?

Answer – In my opinion, there were frequent occasions individuals may violate laws. First and foremost, the occasion is traffic rules. Most of the time, people believe that all of the traffic rules are for breaking. Apart from this, people violate laws on the occasion of tax, revenue, and so on.

Question 3. Do People Like Civil Servant Officers in Your Country?

Answer – Yes. People believe that once they were part of the civil service, life will be secure and settled. Among all, it is the chance to serve the nation, and it is their responsibility. To be part of national service will enhance an individual’s credibility.

Question 4. What Qualities should a Civil Servant Have?

Answer – First and foremost, the potential for the civil servant will be, he must be obedient and trustworthy. Rather than this, he should have the mentality to help others. In addition, the problem-solving ability is an additional quality.

Question 5. Why do You Think Some People want to be a Lawyer?

Answer – That depends upon individual choices. Apart from this, many reasons are they had the ability to work as a lawyer, and another reason is it be the better choice for reaching their life goals. However, few of them choose these professions just because of their parent’s interests.

Question 6. Should there be Strict Actions Against People Who Talk on the Phone While Driving?

Answer – Of course, While driving, it is hazardous to talk with others over the phone because there is a chance for lost concentration for the driver. That may cause serious road accidents. Studies show lion part of road accidents causes rash and negligent driving, including mobile phone usage while driving.

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