Describe a House/apartment that Someone You Know Lives In: Recent Cue Card

Describe a house/apartment that someone you know lives in. You should say:

  • whose house/apartment this is?
  • where the house/apartment is?
  • what it looks like inside?
  • and explain what you like or dislike about this person’s house/ apartment.

Sample Answer of Describe a House/apartment that Someone You Know Lives In

Well, I would like to discuss the house of my brother’s family, who lives in Hyderabad. His house is a beautiful five-bedroom Independent house facing to the east with all the modern architecture and facilities in his locality. The house is a two-storied building covering a large space. There is a large garden in front of the house with various attractive flower and fruit plants. There is also a small swimming pool that adults and children can enjoy during summer.

The inside of the house is decorated beautifully, and each room has its own significance. The furniture is made of teak wood, which shows my brother’s finest choice. The living space is extra large with all furnished, while the ceiling is decorated with a chandelier.

The primary bedroom has furnished very well with all amenities. There is a modern security system with all CC cameras both on the lawn and on the premises of the building. The most important thing I like about the house is that there is a terrace garden on the top of the house; this place really motivates me and gives me positive energy when we sit and enjoy the greenery.

Part 3 Follow-Up Questions Describe a House/apartment that Someone You Know Lives In

Question 1:- What kinds of homes are most popular in your country? Why is it?

Answer – AIn my country, most concrete-made homes are famous, and there are several reasons for the popularity of these homes. The first thing is that they are more durable than any other type of home. Once a home is constructed with concrete, it stays for several years without getting damaged. Raw materials like cement and sand steel rods are readily available for construction purposes.

Question 2:- What are the advantages of living in a house rather than an apartment?

Answer – Well, there are many advantages to living in an independent house in an apartment. First, one can live peacefully without any disturbance in the house than in an apartment. While in an apartment, there will be some set of rules and restrictions which will disturb us. There may be common problems like using lifts for only the elderly problems and maintenance problems. In apartments, there will be limited space for any decorating for festivals, and in the house, there will be ample space for decorating.

Question 3:- Would everyone like to live in a larger home? Why is that?

Answer – Everyone loves to prefer to live in huge buildings, but it depends upon their financial status to construct a large building, and even it depends on the environment and the comfort of the person.

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