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Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do in The Future.

Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do in The Future.

What the job is
What is involves
Why you chose it
and explain why you are interested in this job


I have always been interested in doing something new which helps me to enhance my skills and creativity because in this way I can get a favourable job in the future. However I would take this opportunity to talk about a job which I would not like to do in future that is teaching job.


There are many reasons why I would not like to do this job in the future. First of all, Teachers should have more skills such as patience. Good communication skills, how to manage all things, act as a leader and so on. Furthermore, the Teacher has more responsibilities and work which led to the burden.

In addition to it, Teacher has to do more work hard in return they do not get a favourable salary. Moreover, Becoming a teacher requires a big expenditure of time and money. Last but not least, Teachers have to concern more about student’s performance if their performance is poor then blam to teacher and it is a boring job.


All the above reasons are cause why I do not like to do this job in the future and I have no interest in this field.

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