Describe a Lazy Person You Know Well

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Describe a Lazy Person You know well-

Who the person is
How well you know him
What makes this person lazy
What should he do to improve

Well, laziness is the biggest flaw in one’s personality. People are known by the way how they tackle situations and settle things. Here I would like to speak about a person who is none other than my friend Raman and call this person lazy because whenever I say something to him to do, he always gives me a curt reply.

It was a matter of a couple of months when I suggested he reduce his weight but instead, he started to eat enormously and put on more weight, and now he has become a victim of obesity and can’t do work quickly. To my mind, owing to his indolent nature, he doesn’t want to leave his comfort zone. Besides, there is no supervision on him by his parents, who can motivate him to be in a good physique.

I think Raman can improve himself by taking some exercise and consuming less fast food, and taking more exercise in the morning as well as in the evening time. Besides, meditation can also help him in coming out of the situation as he will not develop an inferiority complex and would try hard to achieve fitness goals.

Part 3 Follow-ups Describe a Lazy Person You Know Well

Question 1:- How can a lazy person make money?

The indolent person has many ways to make money, not by putting in more effort but in an easy way. They indulge in illegal activities such as kidnapping, cheating, murdering because they get the hefty amount from these.

Question 2:- How to motivate lazy people?

Lazy people can be motivated well by presenting them some examples of persons who have acquired fitness goals, and thus lethargic people will work well to be in good shape as well as for the smooth running of life.

Question 3:- According to you, what characteristics define a lazy person?

A lazy person always put off things and never meet their deadlines. Besides, the person has the habit of making castles in the air. Actually, they don’t work practically, and they just imagine.

Question 4:- According to you, can a lazy person be successful?

Yes, lazy people can be successful by getting rid of their lethargic nature. Instead of building castles in the air, they can do something practical. Moreover, they can be successful by recognising their hidden talent because, in this world, every person has inborn talent, so via practising on it, they can be successful.

Question 5:- Do you think a lazy person to do a difficult job?

Yes, lazy people can do a difficult job because they have the calibre to do any kind of thing, but their comfort zone doesn’t let them go out of it. So once they recognize their hidden talent, then they will be able to do any difficult task.

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