Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had

Describe a long walk you ever had

You should say

  • When did this happen
  • Where did you walk
  • Who  you were with
  • And explain how you felt about this walk


fit as a fiddle Extraordinary Relished Nearby Tourist attraction Trek Enthusiasm
Heaven Rushed back Over the moon Mesmerizing
Rocky and snowy terrain
lush green

Sample answer Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had

Well, I love to walk in my leisure time because it helps me to keep my body fit as a fiddle. However, here I am going to talk about a long and extraordinary walk that I relished to the fullest.

I vividly remember last year I visited Shri Manikararn sahib with my family and we stayed there for four days. So we decided to visit nearby places and learn more about them.

On the second day, we made a plan to visit Kheerganga, which is 17 to 18 k.m away from Manikaran sahib and it is a tourist attraction all over the world. There is no possible mode of transportation to reach that place.

So we decided to cover this journey by walking. Firstly we took a local bus and reached our first stop from where we started our trek to Kheerganga.For that, we woke up early, around three o clock, and started our journey with enthusiasm. We finished the journey in the evening.

We crossed many mountains on difficult rocky and snowy terrain. The lush green landscape and snow-covered peaks were amazingly beautiful. Although we got tired, we were happy and full of energy. Finally, we reached the zero point where we saw the waterfall, and it was really like heaven

We stayed there for an hour, clicked photos, and made stories for my social media platforms. After that, we rushed back because it was freezing cold out there. I felt over the moon after reaching the final destination and covering such a long distance on foot to witness a mesmerizing sight was worth it. All in all, that was a time when I enjoyed a long walk.


Question 1 What outdoor activities do people like?

Answer – There are a number of different types of activities that individuals do every day. For example, a youngster likes to take part in  outdoor sports activities which require more energy like football Volleyball cricket and many more. On the other hand, some people like simple activities like walking or running because these do not require any training or equipment. In fact, in my city, many people are inclined towards cycling.

Question 2.What are the differences between outdoor activities children did in the past and now?

Answer – To be honest, we can see a lot of differences in the behavior of playing outdoor activities in the past and now. In the past, children used to play simple games like hide and Seek, kho kho, and running in the park. However, I believe kids nowadays engage in popular outdoor activities like cricket, football, and badminton because many consider it as a career opportunity.

Question 3.Is leisure important to everyone, and why?

Answer – Of course, free time is extremely important in everybody’s life because in this way people enjoy their life to the fullest. Nowadays, everyone is leading an  Ultra busy lifestyle. Due to this, they always remain under pressure or stress to achieve their personal and professional goals. Therefore, free time gives an opportunity to people to rejuvenate and refresh themselves by doing recreational activities.

Question 4.Do women have more leisure time than men?

Answer – To be honest, I don’t think leisure time has got anything to do with the gender of the person. Because nowadays, women are showing their metal in every field, and they are rubbing their shoulders with men. So both genders spend an equal amount of time on work as well as only Sar activities

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