Describe a minor accident that you had in the past

Describe a minor accident that you had in the past

When & how the accident happened?

What did you do about it?

How long it took you to heal?

and explain how you felt about that accident.

Sample 1:-

Well, I do not like to go to the hospital to have medicines for just little ailment such as headache, mouth swelling and so on. Because I like to heal such diseases with the help of home remedies. But at times, I have to take medicine when the problem becomes big. And here I would like to talk about a situation when I had medicine. I explain it briefly.

About two months ago, I was playing with my sister in my alley. Their other boys were playing  Rope-Pulling in the open place in front of my house. They were speaking loudly with joy. Suddenly a motorbike came into my alley but blew no horn. Because it is prohibited there to blow the horn. I did not know when it came because it was very fast. That motorbike hit me. I fall down on the earth. I was screaming with pain.

My mother took me to my locality’s doctor named Dr. Preet. The doctor checked me up and prescribed some medicines for me. I had a wound on my left elbow as well as a deep wound in my left foot. Dr. Preet adviced me to take rest for a week.

So, at that time, I had been taking medicines as well as taking the rest in my bedroom. On that time, I was unable to go to college. So, I spent that time with my mother. All in all, that time was very difficult for me but my mother made it beneficial for me because we both shared many things with each other and loved each other. So, that was the time when I had a minor accident.


Sample 2:-

Well, An accident is a terrible situation according to me because someone may be wounded and injured in an accident. Here, I would like to talk about a minor accident which I had in the past time. I was riding on the cycle in my alley.

There, other children were playing. Then suddenly, a car came I had fallen down and got some injuries but, not got any serious wound. I would like to share it in brief with you. I was riding on my own cycle just nearby my house. In our alley, the could horn are prohibited. One car was coming without blowing the horn.

Actually, I did not notice that car. Rapidly, it had come before my cycle and there was a head-on collision between the car and my cycle. I have fallen down on the ground with the cycle. I had injured little just on my one feet and both elbows.

Then, my mother took me to our locality doctors. My mother was worried about me. The doctor prescribed me some antiseptic medicines as well as, recommended me to take rest for three to four days. I had passed boring days on the bed but, I spent some precious time with my mother and, my father was distressed about me as well as, I had recovered injuries and went to concentrate on my studies. It was just a venial accident for me.


Sample 3:-

Well, in my childhood I faced a lot of types of an accident like as during playing games, running, jumping as well as, during the ride on road.  Once I met with an accident which gave me some injuries. It was my luck that I remained safe in this accident but I have got some injuries at my body. I would like to tell you briefly about it.

It was about 3 months ago when I went to drop my brother at the station. We were on Scotty and going to the station with just 40km/h speed. There was not too much rush road so we were going with ease. A little time before the station. Suddenly, a bicycle came from our left side and collision with our Scotty. We shocked and we weren’t able to think about what to do.

It happened in just a couple of seconds. I and my brother fell on to the road. They were 3 persons on a bike. They fell too. So many people gathered around there. They helped us and made us sit at the side of the road. I got some injuries on my knees, hands, feet, and back also. In this accident, my brother remained safe as he didn’t get any injury. He started screaming at those persons and they started feeling sorry. Everyone blamed on them because it was their fault.

Then we checked our Scotty. There was nothing happened to Scotty. Then, my brother sat me back on the Scotty and came to a hospital. We went to the Doctor in the hospital for a checkup if there is any big problem. The doctor checked and told us that there is nothing to worry about. These are just minor scratches. Then he gave me some medicine and asked to take rest. It took me 4 days to get back well. After this, I stopped riding the Scotty carelessly even when the road us empty.

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Describe a minor accident that you had in the past scotty


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