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Describe a New Development in Your City: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a New Development in Your City
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Describe a new development in your city ( for example, a shopping mall or leisure facilities).

Sample 1:Describe a New Development in Your City.

A shopping mall was constructed in my city in late 2022. Before the construction of this mall in my vicinity, I went shopping in a mall about 12km from my area, and I have always wished for one to be built in my vicinity or close by.

Towards the first quarter of 2022, I noticed development work commenced in my area, but I did not give it too much thought as I assumed it was a residential building that was being developed.

I had to travel out of my city for a work-related assignment around June 2022, and I was away until October. When I returned, I noticed the construction project was not a residential building but a mall. I asked around, and it was confirmed that it was a shopping mall.

Two months after my return, which is a total of eleven (11) months from when I noticed the development works, the mall was completed and opened to the public.

Sample 2:Describe a New Development in Your City.

One new development in my city is a large shopping mall near my home. It offers a broad selection of luxurious brands at different prices. There are also many cafes that serve drinks from different countries, including my favorite Japanese coffee.

It’s perfect for people who enjoy strolling and getting some cool air conditioning during the hottest days of summer. I highly recommend this mall to anyone looking for a wide variety of shopping and dining options.

I enjoy visiting it with my sisters from time to time, but recently, I have been visiting the mall with my friends because we haven’t seen each other since 2019 for such a long time.

Follow-Up Questions

Question 1:- Describe the development in your country in the past and the present era.

Answer 1:- The development in my country over the years and in modern times has been tremendous. It ranges from improvements in communication, transportation, and health care. Before that there was a high mortality rate, but as a result of development and improvement, this has been reduced greatly.

Answer 2:– Ten years ago in my country, there wasn’t any cinema or shopping mall allowing men to go inside without their family, but recently a lot of things have changed, for example, it has been opening a lot of cinemas and Men are have their choice to go to a shopping mall without family or female with them which people comfortable and enjoying their time without any pressure.

Question 2:- What kinds of developments are undergoing in your country in this modern era?

Answer 1:- In this modern age in my country, there are lots of infrastructural developments, such as bridge construction, housing developments, railway construction, and many others.

Answer 2:- There are many things, but I would talk about a cafe shop, which is now the most common place for folks in my county; it’s very different from the past, which was just focused on the drinks and food. But these days, there is a lot of design, and they take into favorite account artists for people and hang the picture on The wall.

Question 3:- Are you living in a developed or developing country?

Answer 1:– I live in Nigeria, and Nigeria is a developing country.

Answer 2:– I live in the city. It’s not it isn’t a development area that encourages many citizens to move out because the services in more traditional, and their institutions and flexible.

Question 4:- What transportation do you use the most?

Answer 1:- I have used all types of transportation except rail transportation, but the mode of transportation I use the most is road transportation which is by vehicle.

Answer 2:- In my country, we usually use a car because the car is better than the other options as our weather is so hot we cannot walk or a little by bike while nowadays there are new bus stations and many people want to ride one, the ticket is very expensive.

Question 5:- Is public transportation popular in your country?

Answer 1:– Public transportation is very popular and widely used across Nigeria.

Answer 2:- No, I don’t think because, as I said, people are big fans of a car, so they go everywhere in their cars, and fewer of them use buses or taxis. To be honest, it’s hardly ever seeing people walking to their school or work in my city because it is a very big city.

Question 6:- What leisure facilities can be used by people of all ages?

Answer 1:– I believe a leisure facility that can be use used by all demographic is the cinema. The cinema is a place where you can see movies that are the latest releases, and there are movies for all age groups.

Answer 2:– I’m in 2 minds about this, and the one hand is the garden. If you go there, you can see children and adults, and of course, you can see older people sitting there, and sometimes pets are allowed to fly there with humans.

Question 7:- Do you think young people in your country like to go to the cinema?

Answer 1:- Yes, the young adults in my country enjoy going to the cinema, and they are the demographic of the population in my country who visits the cinema a lot.

Answer 2:- I think many teenagers in my country are glad to visit the cinema. For example, my brother went to the cinema last month. He cheered up by eating snacks and drinks.

Question 8:- How is the subway system developing in your country?

Answer 1:- To the best of my knowledge, the subway system is not functioning yet in my country, but I believe underground work might be ongoing concerning this.

Answer 2:- I’m sorry, but we don’t have any Subways in my country. But I would like to talk about the metro. They have been constructing the metro for such a long time, and there is much News on social media about working out to continue the passenger.

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