Describe a New Place that You Visited Cue Card with Answer

Describe a new place that you visited; You should say:

  • Where the new place is?
  • When did you go there?
  • Why did you go there?
  • And explain how you feel about the place?

Sample 1

I love exploring new areas, and here I would like to talk about my recent visit to Jaipur. Just last month, I went to Jaipur, which is located in Rajasthan, with my friends. I am very well known for its heritage and culture. My friends and I planned the trip randomly as we all wanted to spend some time together, so we decided to go to any desert area, so Jaipur was the best option. It was four days trip, and we explored a lot ….we visited renowned monuments like Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal and the beautiful amber fort. We also went to 3 museums, and among them, the science museum was fascinating. I also did some shopping for myself and my family. It was my life’s best trip. The attractions were so thrilling. I really loved the place. And I wish to visit it with my family next time. It was an electrifying experience. If I get to visit Jaipur again, I won’t miss the boat.

Sample 2

In the past, I was not much into visiting new places, but now I like to visit new places on weekends. Last Saturday I visited a new cafe called Coffee culture. We were five people in the group we reached there by car at around 8 pm. One of my friends, Viraj, was throwing a party as he got admission to his dream college. The ambience of the cafe was awesome. We ordered two pasta, two pizzas and 1 Chinese platter. We also ordered two giant coffee mugs. The taste of coffee and food was very impressive. In the cafe, there is also a section for live music. The person who was playing the guitar was super energetic. We enjoyed the evening and then we left the place around 11 pm. It was a nice experience at coffee culture, and in future, I would really like to visit some more places like this which are nearby and affordable and enjoyable at the same time.

Follow-ups of Describe a New Place that You Visited Cue Card with Answer

Question 1. What measures should be taken to deal with damage to public facilities?

Answer 1:- First of all, strict action should be taken against the citizen who is behind the destruction of public property. He/ she must be fined, and then any action should be taken to recover the damage.


Answer 2:- firstly, we should educate people on how they should maintain public facilities, but if anyone curiously tries to damage public facilities, he or she must get punishment under a section of the law, and punishment must be such so that it can set an example, so anyone in future anyone does not have the courage to damage public facilities intentionally.

Question 2. What are the differences between old facilities and new facilities?

Answer 1:- In the past, there were fewer facilities compared to the contemporary world. If I talk about public parks, earlier community parks only contained swings for kids, but now parks contain gyms equipment, swings for kids, running tracks park and so on.

Answer 2:- Old facilities were good, but new facilities are more technologically equipped like in old buses petrol or diesel used as fuel now electric buses are introduced. In an old-time in many areas, water only used to come for 2hours per day, but now the water comes 24X7.

Question 3. What facilities do young people and old people like in your country?

Answer 1:- Every resident has different taste, and age group also plays an imperative role in fondness for something like youngers love to be surrounded or be at a place that entertains them all the time, whereas elders love places that are noise-free. Nowadays, senior citizens are more found doing the workout in parks, whereas teenagers are in gyms. This means youngers are more attached to technology than the retired age group who love being around nature.

Answer 2:- I think both young and old people like public parks. Young people can go to the park for a walk, for exercise, or they can also take their children to the park for playing. Old people enjoy sitting in the park and chit-chatting with their group. Old people can also run a laughing club in the park.

Question 4. What is the difference between facilities in the countryside and the ones in the cities?

Answer 1:- In the cities side, there are better education and health facilities and the most important availability of jobs whereas villages are also best like provide a clean environment and there is no hassle and bustle like in cities. Accommodations here are quite cheaper than that in urban areas.

Answer 2:- In the city I think public transport facilities are better than in the countryside and also in some countryside areas, street lights are still not present while in the city most of the areas have a street light.

Question 5. Which do you prefer, living in a city or only visiting it as a tourist?

Answer 1:- Ummm. That’s a tricky question…if I had to make one choice, I would go travelling as I cannot stay for a long time in one place. I love changes, and I am really fond of exploring.

Answer 2:- I prefer living in the city because I was born and brought up in the city, so I feel more comfortable in the city only. Facilities in the city, job opportunities, and education are better in the city than in the countryside.

Question 6. How do young and old people react differently to new things?

Answer 1:- Youngers are energetic and impatient, due to which sometimes they react aggressively, while elders, although they have less energy, still hold lots of patience and are also experienced, so they react to things very swiftly.

Answer 2:- Young people usually like new things or new ideas, for old people it is a bit difficult to adapt to new things because they are used to old things so much that they don’t like to change their old thing like they are dependent on the old thing but when young people introduce old people with new things and try to explain advantage old people usually give a try to new things as well.

Question 7. Why do some people want to go to college far away from home?

Answer 1:- The foremost reason why students prefer leaving their comfort place is for more exposure and exploration. And some people also prefer distance campuses for better education and facilities related to recruitment or any personal development skills if not provided in their hometown

Answer 2:- Home is a comfort zone for most people. When you move away from home, you learn to cope with difficult situations, and you can learn about new cultures or meet more people. Moreover, some people have a lot of restrictions back home, so they really like freedom away from home.

Question 8. How do people get to know about new places?

Answer 1:- There are enormous ways through which the public learns about any newly sites, like through any catalogue or ads, from kith and kins who would have just visited that place, from colleagues, from the random person or from social media.

Answer 2:- Nowadays, mostly with the help of the internet, you can google it and get almost every piece of information about the place. Moreover, people follow food bloggers and travel bloggers who review new places so following them is an easy way to have knowledge about new places.

Question 9. What do old people and young people think about when making travel plans?

Answer 1:- It depends as few might think of budget or the weather or say about accommodations, how many days to spend there, about personal requirements, health issues and so on and teenagers would even look for entertainment places.

Answer 2:- I think young people are more adventurous, so they like to visit places which have more things to do whereas old people focus more on comfort and healthy food. Old people like places to sit back and relax.

Question 10. Do old people and young people like to go to different places for vacation?

Answer 1:- Yes, almost all people love travelling to a distinct place. It could be visiting any hills station or any worship place that’s situated in any other state or going to kith and kins. Almost all take advantage of day-offs.

Answer 2:- yes, old people like to visit more religious places and also places which are calm. Young people like to visit places which have any sports or water activities or some trekking or skydiving adventurous.

Question 11. What are some popular attractions that people like to visit in your country?

Answer 1:- India is diverse and rich in heritage and culture; it is renowned for its ancient monuments, religious places, mouth-watering foods places, museums, hills stations, beaches and so on. And most of these sites attract a lot of tourists.

Answer 2:- In my country young people like to visit places such as goa so that they can enjoy beach bars and casinos, but old people mostly like to visit religious places. India is a very cultural country, has a lot of religious places to visit.

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