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Describe a New Store/shop in Your Town or City

Describe a New Store/shop in Your Town or City

Describe a new store/shop in your town or city.

Sample 1: Describe a New Store/shop in Your Town or City

I am a shop holic person. I love to shop for new clothes so today I would like to talk about the latest store which opened in my city recently, which happened two months ago. I saw an advertisement on the roads which explained to me that a new store was opened in MBD Mall which is situated on Ferozepur Road.

I think this is the heart of my city so that’s why they were shop when it was opened gain and popularity and last weekend. I went to the shop and when I saw that there was a lot of men’s and women’s stuff.

They were appropriately organized, the staff there was accommodating, and they helped me choose my favorite clothes.

Not only the quality but also the price of that store was quite reasonable, so middle-class people also came here and did their shopping for their children or their families.

Sample 2: Describe a New Store/shop in Your Town or City

Many retail shops have opened in my hometown due to their increased popularity. Some have also faced backlash from businesses, so here I would have to talk about one shop that opened recently and quickly gained popularity: Ramanujam Bakery.

Ramanujan Bakri is in a convenient location near the center of my hometown, Ramnagar; moreover, a parking plot is available for customers at the bakery. There are different kinds of variety products, that are also very good, and many customers buy their products because of their taste.

I have enjoyed trying many unique cakes and cherries from their store. They also sell different kinds of breakfast products, such as Breed, pow, and many more, and they also have a variety of expensive products, but they are good in taste, so it is okay to pay that much.

Their products are also valued for money. They have only one branch in my hometown and are considering opening another chapter in my neighboring village. Their popularity is growing very fast because they are naturally polite and cooperative. If some customers complain to them about something, they solve it quickly.


Question 1: What is the difference between small and big stores?

Answer 1:- From my perspective, I think in small shops we do not get a variety and colors of our favorite clothes. Still, all the other hand in big stores we can get a lot of colours and the quality is the best, but it is too many expenses rather than the clothes which are available in small shops.

Answer 2:- There is a big difference between small and big student stores. In a small store, they have a limited variety of products, some of which are very cheap. In a small store, they are located locally, and in a big store, they have various products. They also have branded products from the market that are very expensive, and some of them are also very cheap.

Question 2: How do price and quality affect consumer behavior?

Answer 1:- To be frankly speaking, I think the shopkeeper always creates a balance between quality and the price of that product if they can sell something that is very good quality and also the price is reasonable. The client is eager to buy it without too much thinking.

Answer 2:- Yes, price affects consumer behavior. Speaking of my personal experience, my family is from the middle class. So we always buy products after checking their value and quality. If the product is good in quality and the value is very high, we think twice or three times. But if the quality is very good and it’s also mid-range, we buy quickly.

Question 3: Why is cheap fashion popular?

Answer 1:- According to me I think reasonable fashion is popular because nowadays. Many middle-class people also see some of the brand styles on social media apps.

Answer 2:- Cheap products are very popular nowadays because trends change every year or every six months. So people love to wear or buy fashionable clothes and products. Not everyone can afford expensive items, so cheap items are available in branded products. Cheap products provide a sense of fashion for a low price.

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