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Describe a person who you think is very open.

Describe a person who you think is very open.

Describe a person who you think is very open.

You should say:

Who this person is

In day to day life, we come across many people possessing different traits, some are open, bold, and extrovert whereas some seem introverted, quiet, arrogant, and strong head. Traits and social skills make a person differ from another. Here I would like to talk about the person who I reckon very open is my best friend. Her appellation is Harpreet Kaur. She is 26 years old.

How you know this person

We both are working in the same institute as a teacher. She is my colleague, yet we do not behave professionally. However, she is my secret box. Whatever I am unable to tell anyone, I discuss it with her. She keeps all my secrets locked up to her only. She never parcels them to the third person. We are sisters not by blood but by habits. We have many things in common like we both do not like to tell lie whatever the situation is. Besides, we always remain ready to fight if anyone goes against us at the workplace, or if anybody tries to be smart. Except for one thing which differs us is she is an extrovert and open, I am on the flip side reserved and arrogant. we met in 2017 when I entered my current job place.

Why do you think this person is very open?

On the very first day, she came to me and asked me about myself my name, and other things just to make me feel a bit relaxed. I was feeling lonely as I did not know anyone. She made me understand my office work as well as how to deal with students and over-smart colleagues. It was my first teaching job. Earlier I had job experience in management or backhead. I reckon her open person as I have never seen her hesitating to talk to anyone on the other hand it takes me long enough to yell up with others. Moreover, all students love her a lot. My students hesitate and sometimes afraid of me to share anything, they believe that I am a short-tempered kind of person. Mostly I see her laughing and suggesting her students. In contrast, I try but not able to make my class pupils that very relaxed with myself as she could manage.

And explain how you feel about this person
 I believe that it is a good trait, she is open and always remain ready to accept challenges. This way a person seems more knowledgeable and confident, and also carry her career to new heights.

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