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Describe a Photo That You Are Proud of

Describe a photo that you are proud of

Describe a Photo That You Are Proud of

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Sample answer of  Describe a photo that you are proud of

Well, I have always been interested in photography because, in this way, I capture sweet memories that I can have forever. To be honest, I have clicked so many photos in my entire life. Some photos are pretty fascinating, while some are unattractive. However, Here I would like to speak about one picture that I clicked accidentally and that always fills me with pride.

Actually, it happened three years ago, on my daughter’s first birthday. Let me explain to you briefly. I was thrilled on her birthday and did all the decorations on my own. I beautified the room and the walls with colourful lighting, ribbons, balloons, along with multi-coloured flowers.

Before the cake-cutting ceremony, my daughter crawled and sat on a bicycle gifted to her by her grandfather. Suddenly, I saw her, and she passed a smile, and a dimple on her right cheek made her more beautiful.Besides, in her one hand, there were a bunch of flowers, and she looked like an angel. An idea struck on my mind on the spot, and I immediately captured this glorious moment on my mobile phone.

Although this was a candid shot, she looked like a princess. To add to it, the background of that photo acts as icing on the cake. Moreover, this picture was so beautifully clicked that nobody believed I had captured it.

After a few days, when there was a baby contest, everybody suggested giving her a photo in the competition, and I did the same. I uploaded her picture, and I must say, she got a plethora of compliments and appreciation letters.

nowadays, whenever I see this photo, I feel really proud because it was the most beautiful and memorable day of my life
Since then, I have started to collect photos of her passing through every stage of life. Moreover, I wouldn’t like to adopt photography as my profession as I collect photos to make them memories and nothing else.

So this was the photo which had been clicked by me randomly, and it made my routine to record every stage of my child in the form of photos.

Follow-ups of Describe a photo that you are proud of.

Question 1. Why do some people like to use photographs to document important things?

Answer – Photographs are the best way to preserve our sweet memories for long-lasting. Therefore, it is good to document essential things. It helps to refresh our past memories and emotions. Moreover, it not only allows us to capture a specific moment in time but also saves it for generations to come.

Question 2. What can one learn from photographs taken throughout history?

Answer –In my opinion, people can learn various things from old photographs, such as they came across how their ancestors lived and how they worked. Apart from that, from the historic pictures they can learn a life experience, for example, they come to know that hard work is the key to success because nowadays youth wants everything quickly so they can learn from photographs that Rome is not built in a day.

Question 3 Do you click photos with a camera or use your phone?

Answer – It depends on the time. If there is a need to click photos either with a family or a friend who has been meeting after an extended period, then I prefer to take pictures with a camera to develop them later and keep them in my album. If I need to take a selfie, I can take it on my mobile phone as mobile phones have updated versions and the picture quality is outstanding, so at that time, I think mobile phones are better than having a camera.

Question 4 Are photographs the best way to remember something?

Answer – Undoubtedly yes, photographs are the best medium to recall something from the past. Taking photos can help us remember life moments more accurately since our memories are fallible. For example, the human brain is not a storage device where we can save all our memories. After a few years, Even human beings may forget that special moment, but if it is saved in the camera, then it helps to remember that place, people, feeling, emotion and so on.

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