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Describe a Piece of Clothing that You Received as A Gift

Describe a Piece of Clothing that You Received as A Gift (1)

Describe a piece of clothing that you received as a gift. You should say:

Sample 1

I am fond of the variety of clothes and have a good collection of the same. I love to wear warm clothing in the winter season. Today I would like to tell you about one of my gifts which I received from my maternal uncle. They gave me one warm jacket when I was 21. It was my birthday, and he gifted me that jacket. My uncle bought that jacket while returning from Gujarat from his business trip. I still have that jacket, and I used to wear it more often in the winter season. The jacket is so light to wear that you will not feel it; it’s feather-like lightweight. The jacket is so warm that you can wear it in sub-zero weather conditions as well. The cloth of the jacket is very soft and feels good. This jacket can be washed at home in the washing machine, which is unique because generally, all warm clothing are not advised to be washed at home and shall be dry cleaned, but this jacket surpassed all my expectations. The colour of the jacket is blue, which is my favourite colour. Even I was wondering for one blue colour jacket before I received it as a gift. This is a very special gift for me as I received it from my maternal uncle, who is so close to me, and this is an imported gift for me as he purchased it from Gujarat. It made me so pleased that he took time out from his business trip and went for shopping to purchase this jacket for me. I will never forget this and will always try to keep this jacket safe as much as possible.

Sample 2

Although there are numerous times, I received clothes as a gift from my relatives and from my close ones. I would like to depict one special person who gave me a special gift on my marriage anniversary. The gift was presented in November month last year, and the gift was a one-minute saree, and it is expensive to wear. My mother gave it to me as it is trending those days and I asked her once, so she gave it on my anniversary. The gift is pretty paramount because the saree was made from my mothers’ old saree, and it is a combination of 2 sarees, and she made it for me. I really appreciate her efforts, and I am glad after receiving the saree with a trendy design.

Follow-ups of Describe a Piece of Clothing that You Received as A Gift

Question 1:- what kind of clothes do you like to wear?

Answer 1:- My choice of clothes depends on the season. During the winter season, I used to wear warm jackets with jeans. I do not wear a sweater. Instead, I prefer jackets. While going to the office, I am sticking to formal dress only and jacket on top of that. During the summer season, since it is too hot in my home country, hence I prefer to wear half sleeves T-shirts only with jeans or pyjamas as suited.

Answer 2:- Presumably, I like to wear clothes which provides me with a lot of comforts suppose during office time casual wear and during weekends when I go out shopping or for enjoying with friends I like to wear jeans, and during festivals or events, I like to wear traditional clothes.

Question 2:- What is the difference between the dressing style of young people and that of old people?

Answer 1:- Young people do follow fashion trends which is absent in the dressing style of old people. Young people prefer wearing jeans and t-shirts while old people prefer wearing loose shirts and paints. Young people prefer wearing more casual clothes while going shopping. However, old people stick to loose paint and shirt, which gives a more formal touch. I noticed that Young people have more choice of clothing as compared to old people. Also, young people clothing is full of attractive quotes and designs; however, old people clothing is comparatively simple and traditional.

Answer 2:- In today’s era, the dressing style of young people in western culture and whereas older ones is salwar or sarees which is completely contrasted with the younger ones.

Question 3:- What kinds of clothes do people wear after work?

Answer 1:- While in the office, we wear formal attire, which keeps you more disciplined and alert. However, after reaching home from the office, People wants to relax and wear casual wear such as shorts and pyjamas with a t-shirt. Some people avoid wearing t-shirts and use vests instead. However, during the winter season, this habit changes and people wear warm clothing such as warm pyjamas and jackets or sweaters over a t-shirt.

Answer 2:- To kick off the day generally, people wear comfortable clothes after their work like night wears or T-shirts and some shorts like many options they can choose for comfort.

Question 4:- What types of outfits should people prefer to wear at the office?

Answer 1:- As I told you earlier, people in the office wear formal attire, which includes a formal shirt and paint with leather shoes. This can be accompanied by warm jackets in the winter season. Few offices also allow casual attire on weekends, where you can wear T-shirts and jeans with sports shoes, but few offices do not allow you to wear t-shirts without a collar. Finally, this all depends on the dress policy of the company, which is prepared and circulated by HR to every employee for compliance.

Answer 2:- Inhabitants generally prefer casuals because attending meetings or during presentations gives a lot of impression for employers.

Question 5:- what do you think shopping through social sites is better?

Answer 1:- No, I do not believe that shopping through social site is a good option. Because people sell directly on social sites, there is no guarantee. I personally feel that stuff available on social sites are not original and with defects. Also, the seller is not technically competent to give all details about the product. Instead, you can get all these details and assurance of quality on e-commerce portals. I certainly believe that shopping is more advantageous on an e-commerce website, and it shall be avoided on social sites. There is also a risk of fraud on social sites as these sellers are not authenticated and may do scam by luring customers with unique offers.

Answer 2:- Shopping online is increasing at an escalating rate without any qualms. Internet sites are better but not worthy sometimes if there is no return policy people can get irritated for the delivery of the wrong products.

Question 6:- Does personality affect how people choose what to wear?

Answer 1:- Yes, I do believe that personality impacts your selection of clothing or vice versa. It is an old saying that the first impression is the last impression. Hence people used to wear selective clothing, especially while going for a special meeting or occasion. A highly formal person will wear an ironed shirt, paint, tie and polished shoes, which reflects the personality of a highly disciplined person. Wherever a more casual approach person will wear casual clothing, which will show his attitude toward life.

Answer 2:- I don’t really think personality can affect a person behaviour and their costumes.

Question 7:- in your country do males and females have the same choice of purchasing things?

Answer 1:- In today’s era, there is not much difference between men and women; both are competitive and challenging in every field. However when it comes to shopping, obviously there is a lot of difference in choice. Females are more prone to shop for jewellery and garments than men. Choice of clothing is also totally different for men and women. Men are more attracted to technological gadgets and the automobile industry. But with changing world, choices are also getting changed slowly, and perhaps in future both men and women will have something choice of things.

Answer 2:- There is no gender difference as females are wearing all kinds of clothes whereas men have only certain options and if they like to wear particular clothes there are no other choices both genders will wear.

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