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Describe a piece or a set of furniture you have

Describe a piece or a set of furniture you have seen or you use



Sample 1:-

Furniture is one of the most important parts of the interior of any office or house because it decides the utilization of the space.  I would like to talk about a complete set of furniture that we bought for the drawing Room of my house before almost three years. This set of furniture consists of three sofas, two tables, four chairs, and a decorative cabinet.

We bought this set from a reputed furniture mall in my city. The sofas and the chairs have brownish colored fabric that goes well with our drawing room’s wall paint. the Sofas are three sets,  which one four members sit on this sofa another two Sofa sets on only two members sit on that sofas. The table is made up of wood and its surface is made up a glass.  It is a big table that has rollers at its legs. So we can move it easily to serve refreshments and snacks to our guests. It is very useful for us. because all the members of my family can sit together and spend free time with each other in this room.

The most helpful and attractive part of this furniture set is its wooden storage cabinet which has a television case two big glasses showcases with shelves, two wooden cabinets with doors and four drawers. The wood of the cabinet is polished with a brownish finish. It is big enough so that we can keep television, music system and other important things that we need in our daily use.

I have arranged some photo frames in the glass showcases. Also with some prizes has won from my sister in various competitions from colleges and schools.  She also likes to play with many toys. Hence we have given one wooden Cabinet to her so that whenever She wants to use her toys. She can do it immediately.

What is more, the material used in this cabinet is also of high quality and attractive. I really like this set of furniture.  because this is not only part of our house but now it has become an important part of our lives.

Sample 2:-

My house is fully equipped with indoor and outdoor furniture as well as, I also like different and stylish types of furniture. When I buy the new furniture I always check the quality and comfort level of the things.

Well, I like to talk about the wonderful piece of furniture which I really like. It is my dining table which I purchased from Ambala furniture store with the first salary of my first job.

Interestingly, it is a six-seater rectangular dining table made of walnut wood. The full table top is carved intricately by hand. It is a masterpiece of brilliant craftsmanship as well as, everything made by hand.

Moreover, dining full covered with small flower cutting and, the whole surface is polished in natural wood color and full table and chair also wonderful. When I bought this table and my mother saw it then, she became very happy.

Furthermore, when my friends come to my home we set together on it as well as, when any guest also come at home and we join the dining table together and, my guests and family become very happy and feel wonderful as well as, my all relatives phrase about the dining table and, that time I feel glad.

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Describe a piece or a set of furniture you have seen or you use  Describe a piece or a set of furniture you have seen or you use  Describe a piece or a set of furniture you have seen or you use  Describe a piece or a set of furniture you have seen or you use

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