Describe a Place You Visited ( Not Your Hometown ) that You Recommended Others to Live In: Cue Card

Describe a Place You Visited ( Not Your Hometown ) that You Recommended Others to Live In

  • where is the place?
  • How do you get there?
  • What does it look like?
  • And explain why you like this place and often go there.

Sample 1 Describe a Place You Visited ( Not Your Hometown ) that You Recommended Others to Live In: Cue Card

One of the best and most fascinating places I have ever visited is Hells Gate”. It is”on the outskirts of Nairobi town, on your way to Naivasha, about 2 kilometres from the central city.

I went with my hubby and a group of friends by private means, and we hired a vehicle for five days.

It consists of trenches and steep hills and mountains that you need to climb as a starting point, of course with the right climbing shoes, then there is a forest you have to go through and later at the finishing point, you will end up coming out from a particular small town right back to the starting point.

I like this place because it gives me the challenge I need to keep my body fit by climbing these mountains. It offers me an excellent opportunity to catch up and enjoy memorable moments with friends as we laugh the day away as engage in many activities there.

Sample 2 Describe a Place You Visited ( Not Your Hometown ) that You Recommended Others to Live In: Cue Card

I like to travel to a country and on excursions, so I want to visit different cities to explore that places. Here I would like to talk about a city which I found particularly beautiful to live in, and it is pretty marvellous. The name of the city is Chandigarh. Chandigarh is between the borders of Punjab and Haryana and is the capital of both states.

Moreover, Chandigarh is an excellent place to live and is known for its rules and regulations. I first visited Chandigarh with my family on a paid visit to my Paternal uncle’s uncles. During the stay, I saw roads are the lust of forests, making the journey more beautiful. When I reached Chandigarh, I saw a banner containing instructions about the sector Chandigarh is divided into 50 sectors, each with some speciality. I was there with my family in my private car, and it was convenient for us to visit because it takes around 3. I am sorry it took about 5 hours to reach our destination moreover when we came to Chandigarh we saw lots of things there was a very famous park which is called Rock garden, and people love to invest their time in the park with near and dear ones. and it is fully equipped with rocks.

Chandigarh also fascinated me because the people strictly follow the rules and regulations. Because of that, there is less traffic in Chandigarh compared to other cities and less pollution. Chandigarh is also the first smoke-free city in India, and it is just a great thing that our country has.

Moreover, we see a big lake which is called Sukhna Lake, which is an artificial Lake. Most probably all visitors also come there to visit Lake because it is pretty excellent and vast in size.

My family and I also visited Chandigarh market, which was interesting to see very good as well as the most is just fascinating and marvellous when I return to my home I say to all my friends to visit once in their life because it is. It adjusts incredible things, and it is a place that I saw and recommend others to live in because of the rules, regulations, clean air, and less pollution.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Place You Visited ( Not Your Hometown ) that You Recommended Others to Live In: Cue Card

Question 1:- What type of apartment do most people in your country like to live in?

Answer 1:- Well, most people in Kenya love single-family homes. These free-standing buildings are almost in every corner of the country, and the majority love them because they are cheaper since many residents are low-income earners.

Answer 2:- Individuals in my country like to live in apartments depending upon their choice some people like to live in apartments which are significant and which are also in the last of the forest whereas some people live in power in flats which are in under the colony and their lots of facilities like water facilities as well as electricity facility more about they also prefer to live in apartments which are fully furnished so this types of flats in people in my country like to live in.

Question 2:- Do people in your country like to invite others as guests?

Answer 1:- The majority love to invite other people into their homes. This mostly happens during birthdays, baby showers, parties and college students getting together and having fun with fellow students.

Answer 2:- Yes, people in my country like to call other folks a guest in their houses because it is often said that guests are the faces of God, and if we invite them, it’s like sitting with God. Moreover, people invest time in inviting guests to make their bonds and relationship strong as well as helping them to become familiar with them. So for this reason, people like to invite others as a guest to people.

Question 3:- Do people take gifts when they visit each other?

Answer 1:- Yes, they very much do that. In our African culture, gifts usually are seen as ways of appreciating one another. For example, ever since I was born, I have seen my parents carrying shopping and gifts every time they visited a relative, and that culture has been instilled in me.

Answer 2:- In my perspective, some people like to take gifts when they visit each other because of several reasons first of all by taking by giving it’s all its sign of love and white exchanging gives we show our sign of love towards other people moreover it’s that whenever we have we visit someone house. I can say that it is an excellent habit to take something when I visit someone’s home so for this reason, people like to give gifts when they see each other.

Question 4:- What is the difference between the houses in the city centre and the suburbs?

Answer 1:- Well, most of the houses in the city centre are long-standing apartments with about 5-10 places on each floor to accommodate the high number of people relocating from the suburb to the city Centre in search of work and a better life. It is hard to find long-standing houses in the suburb; the majority are 1-roomed, one or 2-bedroomed bungalows that accommodate fewer people.

Answer 2:- There are several differences between houses in cities and the countryside first of all the places which are made in the town are made in made by advanced establishments and with the help of advanced machinery so they will say so they look pretty good as compared to houses which are built in the countryside the second difference behind both of them is both of the places are that in the countries in the countryside, the house is quite far from the far from from the no IC areas. However, the sites in the ruler areas are near roads because of that, lots of noise surrounds them.

Question 5:- What facilities do young and older adults like in your country?

Answer 1:- Many facilities enjoyed in my country are gyms and restaurants. Many youths enjoy meeting each other for some workouts and spending long hours in restaurants chatting, laughing and bonding. As for the old generation, I believe they enjoy being in church more often. As they grow older, they need to seek solace and peace from being in church, worshipping and meeting in prayer groups and bible study.

Answer 2:- There is a vast difference between the facilities that adolescent needs and the facilities which older people need. First of all, taking the example of young people, they need education opportunities in their fields like an excellent job salary as well as a good lifestyle more over talking about the above the people above it 70 years old they only lie like to live in an environment as well as where did not have to work with physically and to rest necessity is that the ancient people want financial as well as medical facilities.

Question 6:- What is the difference between the countryside and the cities?

Answer 1:- Well, the city-side facilities are very luxurious and eye-catching, with exquisite hotels that bring e relaxing ambience to the people enjoying them. The countryside facilities are neglected, for their owners have tried to revamp a few, but business is shallow, so it is pretty hard to maintain them.

Answer 2:- This was the difference between the facilities provided in the countryside and the soldiers available in the cities. Talking about the countryside facilities they are they are just now up to the mark. I mean to say that the water in there are some places in the countryside where water is not correctly proper to come as well as the as well as transportation system is behind the time but talking about the facilities in the metropolitan areas they are pretty good as we are if you are talking about the education system of that all the transportation system they are for better from countryside more over medical facilities are also available in a vast amount in the metropolitan areas as compared to the country.

Question 7:- Which do you prefer to live in a city or visit as a tourist?

Answer 1:- Well, I prefer living in the city to visiting it. First of all, I was born and bred in the town, and even if I left the city, which I did a few years back, relocating to the outskirts of Nairobi city, I would still find myself right back there because I have formed this unbreakable bond with my birthplace.

Answer 2:- Well, it depends upon the face in which I am. I mean to say that in this face I want to live in the city side because the city side has an excellent opportunity for me like a good salary as well as like your lies more over the facilities of education and transportation as well as medical facilities are also good. However, when I get 50 or 55 years old, I shift to the countryside house because they are pretty good, and at that age, I want to live in calm nature and have contact with the natural environment.

Question 8:- Why do some people want to go to college far away from home?

Answer 1:- Some people, especially the youth, prefer studying away from their homes to get away from the watchful eye of their parents. They want to explore the world, and they would not be able to do this with their strict parents beside them.

Answer 2:- There are specific reasons for choosing a college far away from the countryside. First of all, people want privacy or become dependent they don’t be dependent on their parents the second reason behind it is that the education system in that place is not up to the mark because of that they have to travel for their education the last but not the least is that reputation of the teaching or institute where they want to study is relatively high. Because of that, the chances of getting a good job are high, so for these reasons, some people prefer to go to grab education for distance.

Question 9:- How do people get to know about new places?

Answer 1:- Most people only get to know about new places through social networks, friends and family. For example, Facebook has groups about an adventure where people join and get to know about various places they have never been to, eventually planning to visit them.

Answer 2:- Well, we are living in 2023, and honestly speaking, it is not that complicated to get in knowledge about a new place, but I can say that there are sele people who can gain understanding from a new home. First, social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, where other people post new places and their reviews about that place from videos uploaded by bloggers. Watching those videos lets them know about the latest city or new home.

Question 10:- What is a popular attraction that people like to visit in your country?

Answer 1:- Nairobi National park is the most popular attraction for people, including foreigners. It consists of various wild animals, including the endangered black Rhino, and it has a backdrop of the city with a view of skyscrapers. I took a relative of mine about two weeks ago, and she is eight years old, born and bred in London, and as a first-time visit to Kenya, she enjoyed visiting this place.

Answer 2:- I have been living in India, a sprawling country. Moreover, many popular attractions include monuments, parks, lakes, mountains and rivers. Take the example of Shimla Shimla is a beautiful place and a tourist-like place to visit there, especially for new couples and families. I love to visit and spend time in Shimla remains tagged every year. I can say that every month because it is covered with the lust of forests and the hurdle of tourists, so these are some places which tourist attractions and where people like to visit.

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